Nehemiah 1:7 Confession: Corporate and Private

We have acted very wickedly toward you. We have not obeyed the commands, decrees and laws you gave your servant Moses. Nehemiah 1:7

Nehemiah, who was a cup-bearer for the king, had received word that those who had returned from exile were in trouble. The walls of the city were still broken down and the temple was not rebuilt. He goes before God about the situation, but not with the request for help first. He calls for God’s mercy and ear to His people, confessing the sins of everyone. Nehemiah includes himself and his family in the sins of not following God’s commands and laws that had been given.

It is easy for people to find fault with other people. When looking at another person’s life, it is easy to see what is wrong with them. Every person wants to blame other people for what is wrong, because they see what they have done wrong.

In seasons of elections, it is very common to see various politicians that are running for a position to point out faults in the opponent. As they are pointing out the faults, they forget to look at what they have done wrong themselves and all their own personal faults.

Each person is responsible for his own sins. Each person has to answer to God for what he has done wrong.

As a believer, you are not alone in this world. The world and yourself have been guilty of sinning. The problems that are faced in this world because of sins, are the results of everyone together. There is no one single person who is guilty of incorporating a major sin across the nation.

Major sins of a nation are the results of everyone. Some who accept the sin and promote. Others, who do not say anything about it and allow it to continue. A believer is one who admits his guilt in the sins being committed and confesses it to God, repenting.

Which person will you be when it comes to confession?

Blaming others?

Or taking on your own responsibility?

As you see sins being committed in your nation, seek God’s forgiveness for those doing it, and for yourself in allowing it or keeping quiet about not being His witness as needed. Seek to do your part in showing everyone Jesus and the life He can bring them. Do not be guilty of sin.

I pray today that you will see ways to be a witness for Jesus; that you will confess and turn from all sin; that you will pray for God’s mercy on those lost in sin; and that God will show His mercy on the world and your life.


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