2 Chronicles 34:19 Reaction To God’s Word

When the king heard the words of the Law, he tore his robes. 2 Chronicles 34:18

Josiah had become king of Judah at a very young age, but had followed God his whole life. He led the nation into serving God again by removing all the false idols and temples. He had the priests repair the temple of God. In the process of the repairs, the book of the Law was found. It was read to Josiah. When he heard the words of God, he tore his robes because he knew how the people had turned away from God and the judgement that God was going to bring upon them.

When the world hears God’s word, most will just ignore it or ridicule it. They look at it as some old time religious superstition and do not believe it. This can be expected since they do not know or follow God in any way.

At the same time, there are many Christians who hear the word of God and ignore it. Every Sunday they go to church and hear a sermon preached. Some will just think that the sermon was for the other person, while others will agree to it, but go home and forget about it and not change. The words heard are not applied to one’s life.

When Josiah tore his robes at hearing the word of God, that was a sign of humility and extreme remorse for a wrong being done. He realized the problems that the people had caused and the sin they had done against God.

Each time you hear God’s word there will be a reaction. You will either accept it, or ignore it. The accepting of God’s word is not just accepting it for someone else’s sake, but for your own life.

As you hear God’s word, whether in a sermon, as you read it, or from someone else, you must apply it to your life. When God’s word points out sin in your life, you must repent of that sin and turn back to God. When God’s word points out ways to live for Him, then you must change your ways in how  you live for Him.

Do not allow yourself to remain indifferent to His word. Allow it to change you to be more like Jesus everyday.

What is your reaction to God’s word for you today?

I pray today that you will listen to God’s word; that you will accept God’s word for your life; that you will live according to God’s word; and that you will let God’s word change your life.

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