2 Samuel 24:17 Show Love, Admit When You Are Wrong

When David saw the angel who was striking down the people, he said to the LORD, “I have sinned; I, the shepherd, have done wrong. These are but sheep. What have they done? Let your hand fall on me and my family.” 2 Samuel 24:17

David had chosen to take a census of all the men able to be in his army, even after being warned not to do so. This was in direct violation of God’s rules. Immediately he realized his error, but God was still going to do a punishment. David chose to let God punish by bringing an angel of death over the people of the land. At one point David goes to God and says that He should not kill the people, but to harm David and his family because he was the one who sinned and not the people.

Allowing someone else to receive the blame or punishment for something that was done wrong is a common practice in the world. Leaders will do something wrong and instead of taking the blame, they blame someone else and allow that person to be punished. It is very common for people to run around the truth and ignore what they did wrong and allow others to pay for it. There is no love being shown.

As a believer, you must always admit when you are wrong. God sees and knows the truth, regardless of whether you admit it or not.

David showed his great love for the people by admitting he was the one who did wrong and asking the punishment be removed from the people. You can also stand up for your own sin and ask God for mercy on others.

When the world sees you admit your sin and take your punishment, they will also see God’s love working in and through you. You will stand out as someone different.

Allow God to work through you in every situation in your life, both the good and the bad. Show your love for others by not shifting the blame to others or allowing them to pay for your wrong.

I pray today that you will admit to God all your sins; that you will trust Jesus for forgiveness; that you will not blame anyone for what you have done; and that God will use you to build His kingdom.



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