2 Samuel 11:2 Wandering Eyes

One evening David got up from his bed and walked around on the roof of the palace. From the roof he saw a woman bathing. The woman was very beautiful, 2 Samuel 11:2 

David had sent his army out to war, but chose not to go himself. One night he got up to walk around some and saw a woman taking a bath. He was told that she was Bathsheba, the wife of Uriah. He sent someone to go and get her and he had sex with her that night and got her pregnant.

David had made two mistakes in what he did. First, he did not go to battle with his army. Second, he let his eyes wander and look at what was not his to look at. Both of these led to his third mistake of having sex with her.

When a person is not doing what he is supposed to be doing, temptations will rise very quickly. It allows a person’s eyes and thoughts to wander into places they should not be. Once the eyes start to wander, it becomes very easy to give into temptation to do things that should not be done.

The problem still occurs to this day. It is very common to see pornographic pictures or movies and think it is acceptable. Others will even go into establishments to see nude women. Many of these things occur even among Christian men and women.

Jesus took the idea of looking at someone even further. He said that if you lust for someone in your heart or eyes, you have already sinned.

To prevent these things from happening, you must keep your focus on what God wants you to be doing. If you are working for God, you will not have time to let your eyes and thoughts wander.

Working for God can be praise, prayer, reading the Bible, witnessing, or doing some ministry.

Where are your eyes today?

Are they wandering?

Or are they focused on God and the things of God?

I pray today that you will know what God wants you to do; that God will strengthen you to keep your eyes from wandering; that you will turn your eyes from all sin; and that God will help you change old habits.


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