When Children Do Wrong

Anyone who is a parent will have times when their children do something wrong. There is not a child who has lived on this planet, except Jesus, who has not done something wrong at some point.

The things done wrong vary as much as the variety of children there are in this world. Some of these wrongs may be “small” such as a boy took a cookie that he was not supposed too, or she refused to clean her room as told too, or he tried to cross the street when told not too.

Other things can be much “larger” wrongs. These can be he is caught stealing a candy bar in a store, she lies about where she was when coming home late, one caught in drugs or sex, or pornography and the list goes on.

The hard part for every parent is knowing what to do when your child does something wrong.

Many parents, especially the dads, want to blow up at the child. He wants to ask the child why he was being so stupid. She wants to strike the child in punishment. They want to yell at the child and put some fear in their hearts.

The hard question for every parent is what should they do? What is the correct action to do?

One way to determine that is to look at what God and Jesus did in the Bible. People who follow God are His children. And regretfully just like your children mess up, so do the children of God. Look at the Israelites and how many times they turned their backs on God and disobeyed Him. You have done the same as the Israelites and your children are no different with you.

The first thing that you will see from Genesis to Revelation is that God loved each and every person first and foremost. God’s heart always was and always will be to restore a person, to mend the relationship and fix the wrong. That is why He sent Jesus to die on the cross for every person, to remove their wrong doing, sin.

So the first thing you must do is fully love your child as Jesus loves you. Yes, your child did wrong, but still love them unconditionally.

Next you see that God had mercy on the people. Over and over God was at a point of wanting to destroy the Israelites and start over, but He did not. He gave them mercy and allowed a fresh new start. He did not always give them the punishment that they deserved. God has not always punished you in the way you deserve.

Stop going immediately to punishment and get to the heart of the child. Find out why they did what they did. Help them come to a realization that what they did, more than disobeying you, they disobeyed God. Turn their hearts towards God and their hearts will automatically be turned towards you.

Once they realize what they did to God, help your child see the love and mercy of Jesus. There is always forgiveness with Jesus. As Jesus forgave you over and over again and again for the same sin you have done in your past, you must also be willing to forgive. How many times have you had to ask for forgiveness from Jesus for a certain sin you keep doing?

Always point your child back to Jesus in everything that they do, both good and bad. In your own life do the same. Be what you want your child to be in every area of your life.

When you do these things and allow God in the middle of a situation with your child, you will see God is able to turn hearts and make changes in your child. There are times for punishment, but punishment done in love and mercy will win their hearts and turn their hearts towards God every time.

The next time your child does something wrong, and he or she will, step back and ask yourself how would God deal with you if it was you who did that same wrong, then act accordingly with your child. Do not let your pride and anger get the best of you and hurt your child. Allow God’s love and mercy win your child’s heart over.


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