Story Of A Secret Heart

Title: Story of a Secret Heart
Cassi Ellen
Publisher: Kindle Edition
Date: March 2016
Pages: 174

This is an autobiography of the author’s experience in relationships with men. After being married for some time she gets divorced. Her heart is broken and she is torn apart. She then begins to seek love in other relationships in the wrong ways and wrong places.

The story is filled with an extreme amount of excessive drinking of alcohol, that is promoted as acceptable and fun. Along with that it is filled with sexual relationships. Although the descriptions of the sexual relationships is not usually explicit, it does state it happens on a regular basis.

Although the author does not take part in drugs, there is a good amount of others doing drugs.

With all of this said, I did not finish reading the book. I do not recommend it for any believer.

It does a good job at showing how people can live their lives when God is not a part of it. It shows the depths that people will go to in order to find what they believe is love. It also shows the deception that the Satan and the world will use to deceive people.

The only way to know true love is to know Jesus personally. The author does not show any signs of acknowledging God in any way in the parts that I had read.


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