Waking The Dead

Title: Waking The Dead

Author: John Eldridge

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

Date: 2003

Pages: 227

The author takes a look at the heart of people. The common view, even among Christians, is that the heart is completely wicked and beyond hope. He points out that when a person accepts what Jesus did on the cross, he is given a new heart. Jesus had died and rose again in order to give you a new heart and a new life.

With this in mind he points out four streams that a person must follow to keep his heart in line with God’s heart. He uses a lot of scripture and various popular movies for illustrations to understand what he is saying.

The first stream is walking with God. You must spend time with God and walk in His ways. In this way your heart will be made pure and holy.

Once you spend time with God, you must also listen to God’s direction for  your life. Spending time in prayer and listening to what God has to say to you. As you do this your heart will grow to be more like God’s heart.

John then points out that as you do these things God will restore your heart to be more like His heart. He will help you to remove the sinful desires in your heart and make your heart pure and holy.

As you do these things, the enemy will try to win your heart back. Temptations and sinful desires will try to get your heart back. It will become a battle ground that you must be willing to fight against. You cannot allow the enemy to take back your heart.

As you allow God to work in your life and change your heart, you will be able to see what God has in store for you. God will be able to do great things in and through you.

I highly recommend reading this book to be challenged in your walk with God. Allow God to shape and mold your heart to be like His. It is a short book that is easy to read and full of great insight.


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