In His Steps

Title: In His Steps

Author: Charles Monroe Sheldon

Publisher: Barbour Publishing

Date: 2002

Pages: 241

This is a fictional story that starts with a pastor who chooses to only do what Jesus would do. He then challenges his congregation to do the same. There are many who will take up the challenge, while many will reject it.

In the process of choosing to “do what Jesus would do” some people face very challenging choices to make. Some of these choices cost relationships, jobs, status, and many other things in their lives. Some of the people face a difficult rough road, while others see a very rewarding road to walk as they choose to “do what Jesus would do”.

The characters of this story represent the wealthy, the business man, the poor, the average person and others. It takes a strong look at what Jesus meant to follow Him and learn from Him.

Even though this is just a story, it will challenge you to take a look at your life and decide how you are living it. Many people say they follow Jesus, but only when it is comfortable. When the going gets rough, many choose a different path.

It was made into an independent film movie a few years ago. While the movie did a great job, it does not show all that is in the book. You cannot see the inner turmoil that the characters have in making the choices that they have to make.

I highly recommend every believer to read this book. Be ready to be challenged. Be open to what God may have for you. Be willing to “do what Jesus would do”.


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