Exodus 22:21 How To Treat Foreigners

“Do not mistreat or oppress a foreigner, for you were foreigners in Egypt.” Exodus 22:21

God had Moses give the Israelites a lot of practical rules on how to live their lives. One of them was that they were not be mistreat a foreigner. The reason for it at this point is that they were foreigners in Egypt. They have to remember how they were treated and didn’t like it, and should not treat others the same way.

All over the world this is an issue that many countries are dealing with. Most countries are currently dealing with refugees from other countries. Many people are trying to get out of one country to get to another. The reasons for wanting to leave a country have been numerous. The most common are war, persecution, and the economy.

The countries where the people are trying to get in to have had many different responses. Some kick them back, others lay down many extreme rules, while some accept them in and help them.

Often the case is that the people make it very difficult for a foreigner to live in a foreign country. Some businesses refuse to give the people a job, others refuse to give them service, and very few will try to learn their language to help them.

Some of this harsh treatment has spilled over into the church also. People in the churches do not want the foreigners around. They want the borders closed and people shipped back, as though they were a product and not a human being.

Look back on your ancestry and most likely your ancestors came from another country. Very few people can trace their ancestry only to America. Your family line was a foreigner at one time.

Would you want to be treated roughly and oppressed because you were a foreigner?

Think about the words of Jesus: treat others as you want to be treated.

Ask God to show you how to love those who are foreigners. This could be someone from a foreign country, someone new to the area from another state, or the new person in your church. Either way it is someone who is foreign to you. Show God’s love to them.

I pray today that God will reveal ways to show love to foreigners; that He will guide you in not oppressing anyone; that God will honor your efforts to show love; and that the gospel message may be spread to those who are foreigners.


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