Genesis 12:1 God Shows Where To Go

“The Lord said to Abram, “Go from your country, your people and your father’s household to the land I will show you.” Genesis 12:1

Abram had grown up in the land of Ur all of his life. At the age of seventy-five God tells him to pick up and move to a new land. Along with his wife, Sarai, and his nephew, Lot, Abram does what God tells him to do. He moves away from everything that he knew.

For most people change is very difficult. They do not want to change from what they know. It is difficult enough to walk into a new city with a new job, where at least you understand some of what you do. It is more difficult when everything will change and it is going into a completely unknown place.

Several thousand years later, Jesus told the disciples, and you, to go into all of the world to preach the gospel message. You are to go where you may not know everything.

Some people are called to be full-time missionaries in a foreign country. There they must learn a new language, customs, and culture. Most people do get that call from God. Yet, every believer is called to be His witness in places that are different.

God will show you the path you are to take. He will show you what you are to do. He will tell you what you are to say. There is a purpose for the path that God has you on…it is to be His witness to someone.

In life you may be on one path that is familiar to you, when suddenly it gets changed. Illness, job cuts, death, job changes, or many other events that may cause a major change in life. God will show you the new “land” you are to go and possess.

Trust God is in leading you. He wants you to prosper in His ways, where ever you go. God is with you and will not leave you. Abram followed God’s leading and was made into many great nations around the world.

Are you willing to go wherever God leads you?

Or will you stay where you are and miss what God has for you?

I pray today that you will hear where God is leading you; that you will be willing to go where God wants you to go; that you will do what God wants you to do; and that you will trust God’s leading you.


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