1 Peter 1:14 Don’t Go Back

“As obedient children, do not conform to the evil desires you had when you lived in ignorance.” 1 Peter 1:14

After telling the people to hold on to their faith and be patient in waiting for the return of Jesus, Peter tells them how to live right now. They are to be obedient children and not living in sin.

Sinful ways can be fun. If it was not fun, the world would not be doing so much of it. Every person is born into sin. They grow up doing and loving sinful ways.

What sins and how much they sin is different for each person. Some telling lies, stealing candy, and being jealous is some of the worst things they do. Others go to levels of murder and other types of extreme violence. Either way it is sin and each person likes what they are doing.

Once we become believers, Peter says we are to be obedient children and not go back to those old sinful ways.

Sadly, many believers go back into some old sinful habits. At times some will think that those sins are really not that bad and are acceptable. They are being deceived by the world’s ways of thinking.

Others remember the fun they had and go back into those sinful ways. They might just do it a little bit, thinking it is acceptable to do occasionally but not all the time. Either way of thinking, it is still sin.

Peter says to not conform to the evil desire we once had. We are to flee all sin. Obedient children are children who obey their parents and those in authority.

As believers we are children of God. Are we being obedient to our Father?

What are we allowing ourselves to think or do when we are alone or not around our pastor? Do we step backwards and play with some sin? Or do we flee from sin?

Are we being obedient children as Jesus was an obedient child and man?

Don’t go back to your old ways of sin. Keep your eyes on Jesus and the hope you have in Him.

I pray today that we will turn from all sin in our lives; that we will not conform to sinful ways; that God will strengthen us to flee all sin; that God will guide us to live according to His ways; and that God will use us to be His light in this world.


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