Hebrews 7:17 A Priest Forever

“For it is declared: You are a priest forever, in the order of Melchizadek.” Hebrews 7:17

Melchizadek is a person that the Bible does not give a whole lot of information on. He appeared long before the Levitical priesthood came to be. The priests were to collect a tithe from every person. Melchizadek collected that tithe from Abraham before it was a rule.

Just a few verses before this one, the author of Hebrews points out that Melchizadek does not have any genealogy, no recorded beginning or end and no record of parents. He was unique in his position as a priest.

In this verse someone is declared by God to be a priest in the same way Melchizadek was. This person was Jesus. He is to be a priest of a different type.

The priests of the Old Testament were men who had sin in their lives. They had to offer sacrifices for their own sins before they could offer sacrifices for the people. With this type of set up, perfection could never be attained. This is why Jesus was sent.

Jesus did not have to offer any sacrifices for Himself. He never sinned. He offered Himself as the sacrifice for every person.

People like to go to a priest or pastor for help, or for confession. They seek their guidance to get right with God. Although they can point a person in the right direction, they cannot make things right with God for the person. Only Jesus can do that.

How does this help you today?

Priests and pastors are not always available and they cannot do everything. Jesus is available at all times everywhere. He is there for you. Jesus will never leave and die off like every priest or pastor. You can rely on Him and trust Him. Jesus is there forever for you.

Take time today to seek Jesus. Go to Jesus for all of your needs. Bring to Him all of your gifts for God. He is now your High Priest forever. Just like Melchizadek, He is set apart as different, He is God’s Son.

I pray today that you will find comfort in knowing Jesus is there for you; that you will know that Jesus will always be available; that you will seek the guidance of Jesus in your life; and that you will grow more like Jesus everyday.


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