Philemon 1:18 Covering Others

“If he has done you any wrong or owes you anything, charge it to me.” Philemon 1:18

Onesimus was a slave of Philemon that had somehow came to Paul. He had worked with Paul for some time and became a great value to him. At some point Paul found out that Onesimus was a slave of Philemon who had run away. Paul was willing to return Onesimus to Philemon.

In the returning, Paul was willing to cover any expenses or wrongs that Onesimus had done. Paul saw a changed person in Onesimus. Evidently Onesimus was now serving God with his life.

Paul could have kept quiet about having Onesimus and never returned him, yet he did. He knew that he did not have the right to keep him. Yet, Paul was willing to return him and make repairs for any damages done.

Often people will get something that is not rightfully theirs. The old saying is “finders–keepers, losers–weepers” is what is said. The world is willing to accept this belief, as long as it does not hurt them and is in their benefit.

As a believer, however, your view should be you keep what is yours, and give back what is not yours. Along with giving back, all repairs that can be done should be done. This is going above and beyond just handing something back.

Believers can help people out who have made wrong choices in their past. When a person has made a choice to serve God, believers should stand with him and help him make things right again with those he has done wrong to.

Jesus had stood before the Father and paid for all the sins you have done and will do, before you even asked for help. God charged Jesus with your expense. He took care of all of your expense.

Are you willing to step up and help a new believer out? Work with them to fix their past. Work with them to restore any wrongs done. This is covering others with God’s love, compassion and care.

I pray today that God will reveal ways to help restore others; that God will provide ways to fix past wrongs done; that God will build others up through you; and that you will be filled with God’s love and compassion for others.


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