Philippians 3:16 Act Your Age

“Only let us live up to what we have already attained.” Philippians 3:16

After finishing talking about pressing onward towards the goal God has in him and every person, Paul tells the people to live up to what they had already attained. As the people are running the race and making progress going forward, they were not to go backwards in the way they were living for God.

Parents, teachers, and many other people often tell children to act their age. When this is stated, they are talking about what that child has learned on how to behave, they are supposed to actually do. They are supposed to mature in the ways of thinking and acting.

Along with children acting their age, many adults are told the same thing. There are women who dress like a teen-age girl who are in their thirties. There are men that just sit and play on game consoles all day and night that are in their forties. Some people will just act plain crazy or whine and complain like a little child. At that point many are told to act their age.

As a person grows up they are supposed to mature and change their ways and thoughts.

As a believer, you have learned new things about God. You have learned how to live for God in different ways. You have learned how to pray and read the Bible. You have learned that you need to be His witness.

Each person is a different levels in all of these, and many more different areas, in their lives. The challenge is that wherever you are in Jesus, you must live up to that level.

Have you learned to study the Bible? Are you studying your Bible?

What have you learned about being His witness? Are you applying it to your life?

Everything you have learned about God and how to live for God, you must begin to apply to your life. Live up to what you have learned. Do not go back to your old ways of living. Do not become a little child again.

God wants you to become more and more like Jesus. Are you doing that?

I pray today that God will remind you of what you have learned; that God will guide you in how to apply what you have learned in your life; that you will be more like Jesus every day; and that you will not step backwards in your life.


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