Book: Peri
Published Date:2015

The story is an allegorical look at the birth and life of a person looking predominantly at the inner thoughts of the person. There are very few characters in it and not a lot of dialog. The book is mostly descriptive in nature with easy to read wording and sentences.

The main character, Peri, sees things from a perspective of learning as he goes through life. He makes many choices as he goes along, and some of them later learns to regret. Peri starts off as an innocent person not knowing anything and slowly learning about many things. As he gets older he wants to take on the world and be his own master and ruler of his world. Through his choices others get hurt or killed. He learns that it was his mistake that caused the problems. Towards the end of his life he realizes the mistakes he has made and tries to correct some of them. Some of his mistakes he was able to make amends for, while others were unable to be changed.

In real life, people do these very things. They want to be in complete control of their own life and have everyone bend to their desires. Many people feel that the rest of the world owes everything to them. Some of those people learn that the world does not owe them anything and that they are there to help others. Others never learn that lesson as Peri did towards his end. Everyone has to live according to the choices that they make.

This book will make for excellent discussion on the meanings of different aspects of the story and how they pertain to real life. Although it is a good book, there is no mention or symbolism of anything that represents Jesus or God. There is nothing in there about salvation or sin. This is the one major negative about the book since it is not, in my opinion, Christian in any way. It does show the views of the world very well.

This book is relatively short book of only 152 pages. It is this author’s first full length book and his first published book. There are some spelling errors in the book, but overall it is very well written.


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