Hearts of Fire

“Hearts of Fire”
Author: The Voice of Martyrs
Date: 2015

This is an excellent book looking at the lives of eight women who stood for Jesus and went through some severe persecution. The women talked about were each from different countries, such as China, Russian, and Iran. The earliest one occurred in 1945, while the latest one was in the early 2000’s that ended in around 2009. The authors had to change the names of some of the women because they were still alive and preaching the gospel message in their nation.

Each of these women believed in Jesus in countries that hated all Christians. Many had family members that fought against them. They had to give up everything to follow Jesus. Often they were thrown into prisons with absolutely no sanitary conditions or help. While in the prison they would use the opportunity to reach out to the women there with the gospel message of salvation.

One of the women had an opportunity to get to America and be free to follow Jesus. After having a vision from God she chose to go back to Viet Nam to reach the lost there. She did this despite the persecution she would face there.

In the USA Christians do not see real persecution that can cost them their lives. It is often difficult to believe that such persecution, such as what is seen in the book of Acts is actually occurring in the world today, but it is real. This book covers the lives of these women to give you a view of that type of persecution. I encourage you to read this book if you get the chance. It will challenge you to speak the gospel message to everyone you meet.

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