Acts 24:16 Clear Conscience

“So I strive always to keep my conscience clear before God and man.” Acts 24:16

Paul was being held in prison for his preaching. While there the governor, Felix, came down to hear his case. Paul boldly told Felix what he had been doing. He then told Felix that he works hard at keeping his conscience clear before both God and men.

People do not always think about their conscience. They will often push it down and ignore it. When they do something wrong, they try to excuse it away and forget about it. Yet, the problem is still there.

God has allowed men’s hearts to grow cold and hardened against what is right and wrong. Many things that are acceptable now, were not even allowed to be discussed a hundred years ago. Now those things are openly proclaimed and promoted.

Some people will try to keep their conscience clear with God and ignore people. Others will work to keep their conscience clear for men but forget God.

Keeping a clear conscience is knowing in your heart and mind that you have not done anything wrong. It is knowing that you are innocent of any wrong doing.

The only way to have a clear conscience with God is to believe in Jesus and accept the cleansing of your sins by His blood. At that point you are to strive to keep your conscience clear.

With men, you must strive to never do anything wrong to anyone ever. Doing wrong can be in words or in action. It can be something very little or it can be a major wrong. Either way it is wrong.

Doing any wrong to any person is also doing wrong to God. God wants you to treat everyone like He would treat them…with love.

This will take work on your part to do. It will also take the guidance and strength of the Holy Spirit in your life.

Is your conscience clear before men? Only you and God know that answer, men cannot see your heart and mind.

Is your conscience clear before God? Again, only you and God can know that answer.

Work at keeping your conscience clear before both men and God. Then no one will be able to accurately accuse you of anything wrong.

I pray today that you will see when you are about to do anyone wrong and change your path; that you will be filled with the Holy Spirit to guide and strengthen you; that you will accept the cleansing of your conscience by the blood of Jesus; and that no one will be able to accuse you of any wrong.

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