Acts 14:14 Not Taking The Credit

“But when the apostles Barnabas and Paul heard of this, they tore their clothes and rushed out into the crowd, shouting:” Acts 14:14

The apostles Barnabas and Paul were in the city of Lystra. There they met a man who was lame. They prayed for him and he was healed. The people then started giving them gifts thinking that they were gods. Instead of accepting the gifts and taking the credit, Barnabas and Paul tore their clothing and told the people that they were just regular men just like everyone else and that it was God who healed the man, not themselves.

People love to take the credit for doing things. They want praise for when they do something good. Yet, often the credit really belongs to someone else.

In some businesses, when the business does really great, the top management will take all the credit for how it is doing. Usually it will be with one or two of the management personnel. They point out how the business is doing because of what they individually had done for the company. They forget to give credit to the bottom worker. If the bottom worker had not done his job the business would not have succeeded.

In churches, the same type of credit acceptance happens also. The major difference is that often it is not giving the credit upwards to God. God is the one who heals, saves, and changes people. Not people. Taking the credit is personal pride and pride is a sin.

You are only the instrument that God uses to reach people to heal, save and change them. You are His spokesperson, His voice. You are His hands and feet. Without God you are nothing and have nothing.

When a great miracle happens when you prayer, point the credit to God. Do not look at yourself as someone special or with a special ability. Let God have all the credit. Give God all the praise.

Are you giving God all the credit for what He has done in your life? Are you giving God all the credit for what He is doing through you?

I pray today that you will realize all that Jesus is doing in you and through you; that you will give God all the credit; that God will receive all the praise for works done; that Jesus will do mighty works in and through you; and that Jesus will draw many to Himself through you.

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