Luke 22:48 A False Kiss

“But Jesus asked him, Judas, are you betraying the Son of Man with a kiss?” Luke 22:48

Jesus and the disciples were in the garden. Jesus had just finished praying and was talking with the disciples. A large crowd comes up to them. Out of the crowd Judas walks up and kisses Jesus. This was the sign of who Judas was pointing out as the guilty one to be taken into custody.

Judas had been one of the disciples of Jesus. He had been a close follower of Jesus. Due to greed in his heart for money, he chose to hand Jesus over to the authorities that wanted to kill Him.

Right after the kiss, Jesus asked Judas if he was betraying Him with a false kiss. The question was never answered because both knew the answer. That answer was not a good one, because it was true that Jesus was betrayed with a kiss.

Kisses are supposed to be a way of showing love and care for someone. It is a sign of approval and acceptance. In this case it was none of those things, it was betrayal, condemning and false.

It is easy to look at Judas and get angry with him. How could he betray Jesus that way? Why would he do it?

As you question Judas, you must also look at your own life. How many times as a person gone to church, and while in church, bad-mouth someone else? Or had a bad thought about someone? Or “embellished” the truth to sound better?

Others will go to church, sing and pray out loud as though an enthusiastic believer, then go home to curse and watch bad things. In the workplace, some may have the prime opportunity to be a witness to someone else, and they decide to stay quiet and say nothing.

All of these things are kisses of betrayal. With one word a person states he believes in Jesus, in the next he betrays Jesus and cuts Him down.

What are you doing in your life? Are you really living for Jesus? Or are you betraying Him with false kisses?

Examine your life and pray to not fall into temptation. Stay focused so that you will not betray Jesus with a false kiss. Give Him your whole life.

I pray today that God will strengthen your walk with Him; that God will reveal ways you need to improve; that you will not betray Jesus; and that God will use you to build His kingdom.


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