God’s Provision

If you have read some of my past Experience posts, you will know that in July of last year I was laid off from a very good job. Shortly afterwards I had a friend show me doors to getting into being a teacher. I have been told many times I should be a teacher. The first step was becoming a substitute teacher.

I was immediately able to get in to being a substitute teacher in the district. I was able to keep a job nearly everyday subbing at different schools and all grades. It was a lot of fun, most of the time, and gave me many opportunities to reach out to different children.

The difficult part was that there were no benefits of any sort (mainly insurance) and the pay was very low. I do not mind working for lower pay, but I have a very large family (8 children). Along with that, during holidays, and breaks, there was no work or pay.

I looked into the Workforce Center to search for other jobs. They offered training to get a better job. One area I thought about was in truck driving. I currently have a Class A CDL. Most of the trucking jobs required a special endorsement that I did not have. The Workforce Center was willing to pay for the training to get that endorsement.

The one catch in getting that training was that I would have to be willing to accept any job that became available that needed that endorsement.

When I was laid off, I felt that I needed to put some requirements out for the next job that I accepted. They were: no Sunday work, no night work, and not being gone for days at a time. This was to allow me to be home more with my family and to be in church to worship with my family. With my last job, for three years I was gone a lot, and the second three years I missed most Sundays and worked many nights. It cost me my health and family time.

I started looking closely at the trucking jobs available. Most still required Sunday or night work at a minimum. Others also required being gone for days at a time. With much prayer I felt that this was not the route I was to take.

I chose to turn down the offer by the Workforce Center, although I was nervous, because I could not see how I could still provide for my family.

Two days after turning it down, one of the local schools called me. They wanted to know if I would be willing to be their permanent sub for the whole school. This means that I just go to work for that school alone everyday.

This was at a middle school that I like best of all the schools in the district (around 20). I am working on becoming a middle school teacher. This job also gave a significant pay increase, and gave full benefits, and was permanent full time hire.

I am now in that position. Many teachers have told me that this type of hiring was unheard of. Very few first year subs get picked up for full time hire. God has given me His favor.

God opened the door once I let the other doors go shut. I had to trust that God was guiding my steps. I had to let go of the reigns and let God take them up. God answered my prayers and desires.

I want to encourage you to walk in the path God has for you. Know that God will not guide you wrong. Know that God will provide for your needs. God will give you the desires of your heart if your desires line up with His desires. May God bless you, keep you and guide you daily.


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