Living Above The Level Of Mediocrity

Title: Living Above The Level Of Mediocrity: A Commitment To Excellence
Author: Charles R. Swindoll
Publisher: Word Books Publisher
Date: 1978
Pages: 278

Charles Swindoll takes a look at living a life that is above the average life. Throughout this book, from beginning to end, he uses an eagle for his illustration. Most people love to see the eagle flying through the air, majestic and powerful. The reason the eagle looks so great is that it does things above what the normal bird does, it is willing and able to rise above the average to soar high in the skies.

Going throughout scripture, the author starts by looking at various lives of people in the Bible who lived extraordinary lives above the level of mediocrity. He then looks at lives of people who rejected living above the normal. Most people fall into this category.

Here he takes a look at the various things that put pressure on people to live just like everyone else does and refuse to rise above the normal and soar in the heavens with God. The four areas that he points out that keep people in the normal are: greed, traditionalism, apathetic indifference, and joyless selfishness. People are born to be greedy and selfish, and want only comfort and the easy life with fame following the same way that they have always lived.

Living for God will not always bring about the easy life, and will definitely not be the easy path. Most people will put pressure on a person to not rock the boat and be different or to soar as an eagle. Yet, God is calling every believer to rise above the standards of this world. He wants to do great and mighty things through every believer, if allowed to do so.

In this book, the author looks at what can cause a person to stay average, the battle it will take to soar, and how to stay focused on soaring as an eagle for God in this world that wants to walk on the ground. It will challenge you in the way you live your life for God. It is a call to excellence for God.

He uses a lot of scriptures and puts all of the verses in the text, so that you do not have to go look them up in a Bible. The writing is in everyday language, not scholarly big words.

I would encourage every believer to read this book, even though it was written nearly forty years ago and some of the current examples are now old history. It is well worth reading and taking to heart.