Matthew 4:1 Being Led

“Then Jesus was led by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil.” Matthew 4:1

Although this verse is very short, it says a lot. This verse occurs right before Jesus ministry begins.

The Holy Spirit leads Jesus into the wilderness. Most people have no problems with Him being led, but why would it be in the wilderness? You know Jesus was always led by God to do and say everything He did, but, again, why the wilderness?

The wilderness is a dangerous, lonely location. Jesus is supposed to be bringing great news. How can He bring great news if He is alone in the wilderness?

Before Jesus was to begin His ministry to the world, He had to get alone with God and learn the plan of action. Notice in the next verse He spent 40 days fasting. Jesus got alone with God with no distractions. He learned what God wanted Him to know.

Next trouble occurs when you realize why Jesus was sent into the wilderness: to be tempted by the devil. Jesus was God also and did not know sin or temptation. As a man He had to learn what temptation was and how to overcome it. He never failed at learning this. Jesus never gave into any temptation. Now He knows how to help you get through a temptation.

Some days you may feel like you are completely alone in a wilderness. It may seem like God and all your Christian friends have abandoned you. That is the time to focus in on God. Get alone with God. Use that time to draw closer to Him.

When you are alone in the wilderness it is very easy to give into temptation. No one will see or know what you did because you are alone. Yet, God knows. Get closer to Jesus. Do not allow yourself to fall into temptation.

In the wilderness is also the time to build your spiritual muscles. If everything is going smooth and easy for you it is difficult to know if you have grown stronger in God. Allow this time for a time of growing. Do not complain about God leaving you, He is building you up.

Today I pray for you to have the strength to stay close to God in the wilderness, that God will lead and guide you in and through the wilderness, that you will follow the leading of God, that you will keep your eyes on God, and that you will turn from all temptations.