July 17, 2019 Verse Of The Day

Micah 6,8


Galatians 5:16 How To Walk Correctly

“So I say, walk by the Spirit, and you will not gratify the desires of the flesh.” Galatians 5:16

Most people who believe in Jesus and are trying to follow Him, really do not want to be living in sin. They will work at trying to stay out of a sinful lifestyle. Often they will have some sin or another that has a grip on their life that they cannot break.

Believers will read all kinds of books on how to stay away from sin. They will go to their pastor or some other elder in the church on how to live that holy life. Some will even envy others who appear to be living the perfect holy life.

Yet, after doing all these things they still fall into sin on a regular basis. The elder believers will even tell them that there is a lot of sin in their own lives.

The way to stay away from sin, is found in where your focus is. Who or what is guiding your choices in this life?

All sin is putting self before God in one way or another. You are trying to gratify your own personal flesh when you sin. You are trying to put yourself in the place of God. You are choosing to follow the guidance of someone or something that is not God.

Paul points out that walking by the Spirit is the way to keep from sin. This is being led by the Holy Spirit. When you are being led by God’s Holy Spirit you will not be led into doing wrong. God will never tempt you to sin. He will never tell you to sin. God will always lead you into do the correct action, whether it is a physical, mental or spoken action.

You need to be reading God’s Word to hear what God says about different situations in your life, and obey that Word. You need to slow down your life and listen to what God is saying to you and obey it. Be willing to obey the leading of the Holy Spirit in your life. The more you follow God, the less you will sin.

You will never completely not sin, but you can lessen how much you sin, by following the leading of the Holy Spirit. Be led today.

I pray today that you will hear from God’s Holy Spirit; that you will allow yourself to be led by God; that you will turn away from all sin; that you will walk by the Spirit and not gratify your flesh; and that God will use you to build His kingdom.

Matthew 26:2 Tough Times Ahead

“As you know, the Passover is two days away–and the Son of Man will be handed over to be crucified.” Matthew 26:2

Jesus had just finished telling the disciples about the end times. He talked about how He will be at the end judging the people. Now He drops another bombshell–He tells them that in just a couple of days He will be handed over to be crucified.

The time of the Passover was a time of great celebration. The people would remember the story of Moses bringing the Israelites out of Egypt. They would remember all the great works God did during that time. It would be a fun time.

Yet, Jesus states that He is going to be handed over to be crucified. Jesus not only states this, He also goes forward.

Very few people could possibly go forward to their death sentence boldly and calmly as Jesus did. Most people would try to go another route or change their plans altogether.

Being crucified is exactly what God wanted to happen to Jesus. It was in the plan from the beginning of time. Jesus knew this and did not try to change the plan.

You may not always know the exact details of what is ahead for you. One thing you may know from Scripture is that in the end times things will get more rough. Standing for Jesus will be tougher.

God may ask you to walk into a situation that will be very rough on you. He may ask you to take a stand for Him against everyone else. You may have to stand alone for God.

Are you ready to stand for God? Are you willing to stand for God?

If God told you that His plans for you next week was to go and get killed, would you be willing to walk that path? Or would you try to go another route?

Jesus walked that path and He did it for you. You need to be willing to do whatever it is God has in store for you. Trust that God knows what is best for you and everyone else around you.

The walk God has you on may (and probably will be) very rough at times. Don’t give up! Keep going with God. He wins in the end.

I pray today that you will walk the path God has for you; that God will strengthen you by His Holy Spirit; that God will guide your every step; that God will remove all fear in your heart; and that God will use you to build His kingdom.