The Goblin Hunters (book review)

Title: Goblin HuntersAuthor: Samuel SchillerPublisher: PublishingDate: 2013Pages: 363 The Goblin Hunters (book review) This is the sixth book in this series by Samuel Schiller. In the last book the Third Legion had beaten the Moloch priests and the First and Second Legions that had rebelled against King Osric. The Red Goblin, Klabaga, was angry... Continue Reading →

The Queen’s Own (book review)

Title: The Queen's OwnAuthor: Samuel SchillerPublisher: PublishingDate: 2010Pages: 403 The Queen's Own (book review) This is the fifth book in a series by Samuel Schiller. In the previous book King Osric Murchada, king of Glenmara had become a believer and follower of Iosa Christus (Jesus Christ) and rejected the idol worship of Molach. As... Continue Reading →

Fire From The Earth (book review)

Title: Fire From The EarthAuthor: Samuel SchillerPublisher: PublishingDate: 2008Pages: 394 Fire From The Earth (book review) This is the fourth book in a series by Samuel Schiller following the life of Evan Macketh. In the previous book Evan, along with others, were able to defeat the goblin armies. Evan is now being called by... Continue Reading →

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