April 10, 2019 Verse Of The Day

Psalm 51_1

Psalm 51:1


Psalm 147:10-11 What God Delights In

His pleasure is not in the strength of the horse, or his delight in the legs of the warrior; the LORD delights in those who fear him, who put their hope in his unfailing love. Psalm 147:10-11

The world likes to look at what a wealthy or successful person has and admire it. They consider how large the house is, what type of car they drive, how big of a paycheck is made, the position a person has at work or in the community, and many other things. Things like this is what people delight in either seeing or having themselves.

Power is the other thing that people like to look at and admire. Men love to admire a car that has a lot of power. People often crowd around a person who has high authority or influence in a community. Those who have a great ability in some field are often sought out by others trying to learn how to have that same ability.

God does not look at those things and find the same great delight that man does. Seeing someone in high position or very successful does not excite the Lord at all. God already owns everything, so having it means very little to Him. He also has absolute power, so power and position mean nothing.

He finds great delight in those who fear and trust Him. God already has the ability to do anything and everything needed. He gets excited when a person will  trust Him to do what is needed for him every time and all the time.

God’s love for you is perfect and unfailing. God will not and cannot do anything that is not for your benefit. The real challenge is do your really believe that?

If you really believe that God does every thing He does for your benefit, then you must stop trusting in this world and the things of this world. Put all of your trust in God and Him alone.

Allow God to lead you in the path you are to take. Trust that His love is so great that you will not be harmed. You may get harmed physically, but your spirit will live for eternity with God.

Where is your hope today?

Is it in the things of this world?

Or in God’s unfailing love?

I pray today that you will know God’s love for you; that you will trust God’s love for you; that you know God delights in you following Him; and that you will not trust the things of this world.

Psalm 94:17-18 God’s Amazing Support

Unless the LORD had given me help, I would soon have dwelt in the silence of death. When I said, “My foot is slipping,” your unfailing love, LORD supported me. Psalm 94:17-18

Buildings are made with a support structure to keep it standing. Each board helps support another board, while at the same time being supported by another board. The nails and screws hold each one in place.

In businesses, there must also be a support structure. The workers must do their work correctly in order to support the head boss. Without the head boss, the workers would not have a job. Along with that support, the head boss must support his workers, because without them, he, also, would not have job.

With both of these illustrations about support, both are temporary. Both can fail or make the wrong move. Failure can happen.

God is the perfect example of perfect love. His perfect love wants the best in a person. His perfect love calls for the best path for each person.

When God set the rules back in the garden of Eden, He knew that man would eventually break those rules. He had a plan already in place to send Jesus to take man’s place in death and bring him life. The plan He had was filled with His love and grace. No man deserved that love or grace.

When you mess up and slip into sin, the judgement should be death. Yet, God’s great love is so filled with grace and mercy, that He provides a way out. God’s love supports you and lifts you back up out of that sin.

All you have to do is recognize and accept God’s love and grace in your life. Realize that you cannot do this on your own. You cannot live without sin in your life on your own. Once you have sinned, that sin is there for eternity, unless you allow Jesus to remove it and support you.

God is not out to kill or destroy you, as many often feel. He is out to give you life and life abundantly.

Do you recognize God’s love and support?

Give God praise for what He is doing in your life and the support He is giving you.

I pray today that you will know God’s love in your life; that you will know God’s support for you; that you will not fear God; and that you will live for God.

Psalm 6:4 Because Of His Love

Turn, LORD, and deliver me; save me because of your unfailing love. Psalm 6:4

David had been going through some extreme pressure and troubles because of his enemies. He cries out to God all through the night asking for mercy. His request is that God would choose to deliver him, not because he is good or is worth anything, but because of God’s great love.

Crying out to God for help is nothing new to people. All over the world, most people who are going through an extremely difficult situation will cry out to God or a god of some type for help. In the process of crying out to God for help many will list reasons why God should help them.

One of the common reasons that is often used is that the person promises to do something for God in return. They promise to live better for God if He will just deliver them from a bad situation.

Others will list things that they have done for God in the past, such as going to church, teaching in Sunday School, and giving of tithes and offerings. The view of both types of answers is that the person is trying to earn God’s favor. They are saying they are worth God delivering them.

In this Psalm, David is requesting it based on one thing, and one thing only: the never-failing love of God. He knows that he is not worth being saved, but is crying out for the mercy of God.

During his time, David did not have Jesus to look to for salvation, he was still under the Law. The people had to work for their salvation, yet, David knew he had to rely on the mercy of God.

As a believer today, you cannot earn your salvation with God. You cannot earn deliverance from a bad situation from God. You must trust and rely on the love and mercy of God in your life.

When you go before God asking for help, do not list off things you have done. Do not try to earn God’s favor. Trust in what Jesus has done for you, and rely on His great grace, love and mercy.

God is a great God of love and is full of mercy and grace that you did not earn. Lean on His love.

I pray today that you will know the love God has for you; that you will trust in God’s love for you; that you will not try to earn your salvation or deliverance; and that God will show His love for you to you.