July 14, 2021 Promise Of God

Mark 6:6 A Lack Of Faith Or Faith In The Wrong Things

He was amazed at their lack of faith. Mark 6:6

Every person has some faith of some sort in some thing. All faith is, is believing in something that one cannot directly see.

People have faith every day that when they sit down on a chair that it will hold them. They have faith that the other drivers will stay in their own lane. They have faith that their boss will pay them correctly on pay day.

Faith is nothing new to people, but only what their faith is in.

Jesus had went back to His hometown of Bethlehem. While there He could only do a few miracles and healings because the people lacked faith in Him.

Every where one goes there are people who are desiring some type of miracle in their lives. People want to see great and sudden changes in their own health or in some other area of their life. While they hope for something, it is not hope and faith in God.

This problem often occurs inside the church. Many believers lack faith in God for every area of their life. They may have great faith for God to bring about a healing, but do not trust Him with their finances, not giving the full tithe.

God is always wanting to work in the lives of people in great and miraculous ways. Yet many refuse to have full faith in Him alone, but rather trust themselves or in other things or people.

If a believer can have faith that Jesus has forgiven him and will save him, he can have faith that God can do other miracles in his life as needed. Either God is a God of His word or He is not God at all.

God has already given you a measure of faith. Most likely there is an area in your life that you need help or a miracle in. Do not put your trust in yourself, people, things or ways of this world, but have faith in God. He has already promised to meet all of your needs.

There is nothing too big or too small that God cannot do in your life. Do not allow yourself to be like the people of Bethlehem and lack faith in Him. Allow God to do miracles in and through you.

See what God is willing and can do when you have faith in Him.

Today I pray that you will know God’s great power in your life; that you will put all of your faith in God; that you will allow God to work in your life; and that God will be able to do miracles in your life.

Jeremiah 17:7-8 The Blessed Person

Tree by water and rocks

But blessed is the one who trusts in the Lord, whose confidence is in him. They will be like a tree planted by the water that sends out its roots by the stream. It does not fear when heat comes; its leaves are always green. It has no worries in a year of drought and never fails to bear fruit. Jeremiah 17:7-8 

The majority of people in this world feel that they are blessed when they have a lot of possessions and no troubles in life. When everything is going right, they feel blessed. When they have everything that they want or desire, they feel blessed.

During times of trouble or loss of possessions, most of these same people feel that they are no longer blessed, but are being cursed.

God describes the one who is blessed is the one who trusts in the Lord. He is blessed even in the hard times.

Believers who put all of their trust in the Lord will not lose confidence or begin to fear when troubles arise. The heat will rise at times in their lives, causing trouble and pain in life, but they will still know that God is in control and trust Him with no fear.

In life there will be times of drought, when things are lost and God seems quiet, but the trust will still be there. The true believer will continue to bear the fruit of his trust in God. The fruit of the Spirit will show forth in his life, touching the lives of others for God. He will always be thriving in God, despite what is happening around and to him.

Knowing and trusting God brings about a peace that the world does not know or understand. It removes health issues of worries and fear. This is a real and lasting blessing.

Allow yourself to put all of your confidence and trust in God. He has never failed anyone, nor will He every fail anyone. God will not start to fail you today.

During the times in life, when troubles rise up and create havoc and heat in your life, trust in God. Allow your roots to go deep into His word and Holy Spirit, knowing God and knowing He will take care of you.

In those times of drought, when God appears to be silent and troubles are great, know that God is still there with you. Be the fruitful tree planted by the water.

I pray today that you will know Jesus as your Savior; that you will know God’s faithfulness; that you will trust God in every area of your life; that you will have deep roots in God; and that you will bear the fruit of the Holy Spirit every day. 

Psalm 20:6 God Gives Victory

Gaining victory

Now this I know: The Lord gives victory to his anointed. He answers him from his heavenly sanctuary with the victorious power of his right hand. Psalm 20:6 

Everyone wants to have victory in everything that they do or tackle. They want to win in the end. Although everyone wants to win, the majority do not feel as if they are winning. Watching other people causes them to often think that they are losing the battle.

As things go wrong and do not go the way a person thinks they should go, most people think they have lost the victory and are a failure. At this point many will give up and not try any more. This is losing the battle and is failure.

David learned that God gives victory to those who are anointed. God always answers and gives the needed victorious power to overcome.

It is common for believers to struggle with the thought that they have been given victory. They see things happening in their life that does not appear to be victory but defeat. God does not appear to answer their cries for help.

Some will say that this is only about Jesus and not about them. They forget that as a believer they are anointed by God. They are anointed with His Holy Spirit, so they can have victory.

Yet, if they stay focused on trusting God and His direction in their lives, they will begin to see that there is victory all the time. Walking through a difficult situation with joy and head held high is victory. Walking through a difficult situation knowing that God is in control of it is victory. Turning away from any sinful temptation is a victory. Being a witness is a victory.

Faith in God will ultimately result in the perfect victory of eternal life in heaven with God.

God has given you victory. He has won the war for you. All you need to do is trust Him and follow Him daily. Know that God is in control and wants you to win every time.

Ask God to open your eyes to the daily victories in your life, the little steps that move you forward in your journey with God. Do not be discouraged when things don’t go your way or the way you think they should go, God is in control and is doing the best for you. You have victory in Jesus!

I pray today that you will know God is in control; that you will have faith in God; that God will reveal to you His victory in your life; that you will know the strength God has for you; and that you will walk in the victory of Jesus.