Nahum 1:7 The Lord Is Good And A Refuge

The LORD is good, a refuge in times of trouble. He cares for those who trust him, Nahum 1:7

Nahum is one of the unusual books of the bible because he speaks against the pagan city of Nineveh. God is telling the people that Nineveh will be destroyed. While saying this, he also points out that God is good and is a refuge to people who trust in Him. God does care for His people.

People who really do not know God often think that God is a cruel God. How can He demand that they live a perfect life? How can He demand that they give their whole life to Him? Why did God allow some disaster to occur? Why can’t a person live how he wants? And the reasons continue.

Despite what people may think, God is good. Since God has been in existence for all eternity and He has created all the known universe, He does have some knowledge and experience that no man can claim. God knows what is best for each and every person on this planet.

Knowing that should cause a person to run to Him during times of trouble, rather than accusing Him of being cruel and not caring. God is always there for every person who believes in Him and follows Him. In order to believe in Him and follow Him, one must trust Him.

His care for you may not mean that the trouble is removed, but it does mean that He is right beside you through that trouble. God will touch your heart and soul and protect them through any trouble that comes your way, if you will just trust Him.

No matter what the world throws your way, no one in this world, or even Satan, can take your soul or salvation from God’s hand. You have to give that up by your own choice.

Every enemy of the Lord will be defeated one day. Until that time you have to rest in the care of the Lord, trusting His every move or lack of moves. If you do not put your trust in Him, how can He care for you?

God is good and all that He does is good. The path He has for you may be hard, but it is the best one for you. Trust Him and find your refuge in Him. He will give you the strength you need.

I pray today that you will know God is good; that you will see all the goodness of God; that you will put all of your trust in Him; and that you will seek Him as a refuge in times of trouble.