Deuteronomy 9:4 Not Your Righteousness

After the LORD your God has driven them out before you, do not say to yourself, “The LORD has brought me here to take possession of this land because of my righteousness.” No, it is on account of the wickedness of these nations that the LORD is going to drive them out before you. Deuteronomy 9:4

Moses is giving a warning to the people for when the get into the land of Canaan. As they go in there will be many enemies that have to be driven out. God will work on driving each of those enemies out. Once the enemies are out, the Israelites must not think that they were given that land because of their own righteousness. God drove the enemy out because of their sin, not the Israelites righteousness.

As a human being it is easy to compare yourself to other people. You may look at your life and see how much more like Jesus you are than someone else. Once that happens, it becomes very easy to believe that the blessings you have are because of what you have done.

You must remember that Isaiah said that your righteousness is as filthy rags. Paul said that you are to put on the righteousness of Jesus, not your own.

You are not saved or blessed because of what you have done or how good of a person you are. You are saved by the grace and mercy of God and the righteousness of Jesus.

When things are going good for you and the abundant blessings are flowing in your life, always remember that it is God’s doing because of His love and grace, not what you have done. Do  not allow pride to get in the way. Pride is what took Satan down, and it will take you down also.

Remember that as easy as it is for God to give you the land, He can also take it away. It is not about you, but about God.

Give God all the glory for all the blessings He has given you. Give God praise for the enemies He removes out of your way.

I pray today that you will see the hand of God in all that you have; that you will see the power of God in removing the enemy in your life; that you will know it is not your righteousness, but that of Jesus that did the works; and that you will put on the righteousness of Jesus.

Numbers 14:38 Will You Survive?

“Of the men who went to explore the land, only Joshua son of Nun and Caleb son of Jephunneh survived.” Numbers 14:38

Moses had sent twelve men in to the land of Canaan to spy it out. They were to look it over and map it out so that the Israelites would be ready to take it over when they went in. Ten of those men stated that it was a great land but that they would not be able to conquer it. They discouraged the rest of the Israelites from going in as God wanted them to do.

Two of those men knew that with God’s help they could take over the land. Those two were Caleb and Joshua. God struck the rest of those men with a plague that killed them. Only Caleb and Joshua survived.

Through the Bible God has given each person a vision of what heaven is like and who He is. It shows that He is the ruler over every one and every thing. When you read the end of the book it shows that He will win and whoever is with Him will win.

There are many people who state that they believe in Jesus. Jesus had said that many would say they knew Him, but that He did not know them. When it comes to the end time when Jesus returns, He said He would reject many because they did not obey Him. Knowing Jesus is to love Him. To love Jesus is to obey Him.

The apostle Paul said that you are to run the race as to finish it. Believing that you have already accepted Jesus as your Lord and Savior, you must continue in your walk with Him. Do not be afraid to go forward and conquer the land before you.

That land is the life God has given you. It starts with your own personal life. Be the master over sin and death in your life. Then take back the community of people around you for God. Be His witness and do not allow the enemy, Satan, to gain or keep any one person.

Do not be afraid of what this world can do to you. In the end you will win.

Will you be one of the few who survive? “Many will be called, but few are chosen.”

I pray today that God will give you a vision of the land you are to conquer; that God will give you strength to conquer that land; that God will remove all fear of the enemy; and that you will survive to the end.