Jeremiah 11:13 Setting Up Altars

You, Judah, have as many gods as you have towns; and the altars you have set up to burn incense to that shameful god Baal are as many as the streets of Jerusalem. Jeremiah 11:13

Jerusalem had the temple of God in it. The people knew that they were called the children of God. Over the years they had seen God do many miracles and provided abundantly for them. Yet, they had chosen to call on false gods, rather than call on God.

The problem of following false gods was extremely large. They were described as having as many altars to Baal as they had streets in the town. Even though they would call out to all of these false gods, none of them would answer, because they were not alive and real. The people refused to call out to God.

In some Asian countries today, the idea of setting up altars in the house and all over the town to a god is common and encouraged. Looking at a lot of American and European cities and cultures, it is not common to see someone setting up an altar and call it that, yet, altars are set up everywhere.

Just as with Judah, with altars on nearly every street corner, there are altars set up on nearly every street corner and house today in many nations around the world. The false gods that people in America are setting up altars to are education, politics, fame, money, houses, status, jobs, people, sex, drugs, self and many more false gods.

They do not call them gods, but they treat them like a god. People are crying out to these things and seeking answers from them. When disaster strikes, they cry out to all these things for guidance and help to cope with the disaster. Yet, not of these things can answer or have the right answer.

God, alone, is the answer to all the problems you may face. God may use the things of this world to meet your need, but they are not the answer, He is.

Who or what you are calling out to for help?

Who or what are you spending your money on to get help?

Put all of your faith, money, efforts, and time into an altar to God. He is the real, living, true God who hears you and answers you. Get rid of the altars to false gods in your life today.

I pray today that you will know God personally; that the only altar you have is to God; that God will strengthen you to reject false gods in your life; and that you will tell the world of who Jesus is.