Leviticus 5:1 Public Responsibility

“If anyone sins because they do not speak up when they hear a public charge to testify regarding something they have seen or learned about, they will be responsible.” Leviticus 5:1

God now lays down a responsibility for people to speak up when they have seen something done wrong. They are not to keep quiet about it. If they do nothing about it, they will also be held guilty.

People often see other people doing something wrong and choose not to say anything about it. This is a very common event in the workplace. One person does something wrong, the other person sees it and takes a blind eye to it. When asked if anything was seen, most will say no. The common feeling is that is between them, God and the boss, it is none of my business.

God sees it differently. Each person is in charge of each other. Just like with Cain and Able, each are each other’s keeper.

To turn a blind eye to something being done wrong is to allow that person to think he is getting away with it and that what is being done is acceptable.

As a believer, you need to set your standards at the level Jesus has His. This calls for perfection. It is correct that no one is perfect, but that does not allow for just freedom to do whatever is desired.

This also does not mean that you just point fingers at other people’s sins all the time. It is showing in love where a person is slipping up. It is asking them if they are sure that they want to do what is wrong. It is also speaking the truth about what happened when asked if you know about that situation.

Do not allow others to go forward in sin freely. This is especially true for others who are believers in Jesus. The world will sin and  you cannot stop them or control them. However, believers need to be guided and pointed back to the standards of Jesus.

Keep yourself in check and help keep others in check. Flee all sin.

I pray today that God will reveal to you anything that is sin in your life or around you; that you God will give you boldness to speak the truth at all times; that you will have God’s love for others; and that God will guide you in guiding others in their life’s choices.

Exodus 23:2 Don’t Follow In Doing Wrong

“Do not follow the crowd in doing wrong. When you give testimony in a lawsuit, do not pervert justice by siding with the crowd.” Exodus 23:2

Moses continues with giving some practical rules on how to live a holy life for God. Now he looks at when a person is in court a person is not to just side with everyone else, but to only judge as to what is the truth in the case.

People do not like to go against the system or a group of people. They like to go with the flow. Very few people like to cause a ripple in the way things are going.

In court cases this can be seen a lot. The majority of the jury feels the judgment should be one way, while one or two people feel it should be the other way. Often the few give in to the majority and judge accordingly, not necessarily the way they see the truth of the situation.

Moses is specifically talking about court cases in this verse. However, it can be applied in many other areas in life. Everywhere a person looks you can see people compromising to a group of people to do or allow sin.

A new movie comes out. It has foul language using God’s name as a curse word in it. It has explicit sexual scenes in it, outside of marriage. The story line is one about sinful actions. Everyone is talking highly of it as though it is a great movie and you must see it. Most people would go see it. They don’t want to stand out as different or be left behind the times.

Do you go and watch it, even though it is wrong and sinful, and against God? Or do you stand strong as a believer in God’s Word and refuse to partake in the sin?

This is just one example of how people follow the crowd. Yet, as a believer, you are to stand out as different. You are to stand as a holy follower of Jesus.

How are you living your life?

Do you follow the crowds?

Or are you following Jesus?

What would Jesus do?

As Moses said, do not follow the crowds in doing wrong.

I pray today that God will reveal to you what is right and wrong; that God will show you when the crowd is going the wrong direction; that God will give you strength to follow Him; and that you will live a life that represents Jesus to this world.