Psalm 15:3 Words Matter

Rattlesnake with tongue

Whose tongue utters no slander, who does no wrong to a neighbor, and casts no slur on others; Psalm 15:3 

All comedy movies usually have one thing in common, though not always, but that is they focus on cutting other people down. People think it is funny to slam another person or make that person look bad.

This also occurs in the public realm of politics. When a person is running for a position, it appears that all most can talk about is how bad the other candidate is. People love to find fault in others or make a false statement about the person to cut him down. It helps them feel better about themselves.

Slandering people is something that occurs in every area of life, school, workplace, homes, and neighborhoods. It can be seen everywhere.

David asked the question of who can live on God’s holy mountain and then proceeds to answer it in this psalm. One of the things a person must not do is slander or cast slurs onto someone else.

Every believer is to love every one and build every one up. They are never to cut someone down. Slander cuts and kills people. It destroys people and their lives, whether true or false. Usually slander is not true.

Sadly this type of action can be seen inside the church. People slam other believers, condemning them quickly and talking bad about them, rather than encouraging them and building them up.

Many believers are quick to point out sins in others, and overlook what they are doing right. Churches have split over slander. Ministers have been removed over false slander and slurs being cast, and most of this by people in the church.

One can expect the world to slander others, they don’t know God. But those in the church are to love and build up because they know God.

Your words do matter. They have an effect upon the lives of other people, to bring life or death, to build up or tear down.

Think about the words God has given you. They work at building you up, not tearing you down. Just as God speaks words of love and life towards you, you must also speak words of love and life towards others.

Think about the words you will speak before you say them. Will they build up or tear down? Show love or hate? Your words do matter.

I pray today that you will know God’s love for all people; that your words spoken will be words God would say; that you will build people up in Jesus; and that you will always speak the truth of God in love to all people. 

Leviticus 19:16 Don’t Spread Slander


Do not go about spreading slander among your people. Do not do anything that endangers your neighbor’s life. I am the LORD. Leviticus 19:16

Slander is any information that is false or harmful to another person about their character, words or actions. In a simple way of putting it, slander is lying about someone else or using information harmfully against someone.

In this world slander has become a common place thing. Everywhere a person looks, he will see slander. It occurs from the person at the bottom, all the way to the top leaders of the nation.

In the workplace or in the political realm, people slander others in order to get to the top position. Many believe that if they can show the dirt on another person, he will look better.

These types of actions and words do not only happen in the world, but they also occur inside the church. People are very quick to talk badly about a person’s personal struggles with sin, rather than build the person up and encourage the person to grow more in the Lord. Pastor’s are often slandered behind closed doors on how bad the sermon was or because he did not come and visit someone.

God had told the Israelites to not spread any slander among the people or even do anything that endangers anyone’s life. Slander only brings harm to a person. It never lifts one up. A little slander can destroy a person for life, because many believe the false words and hold it against the person. Positions are removed, trust in the person is lost because someone spread a false word.

People accept the slander as truth because they do not want to take the time to verify the real truth of the situation. They believe others, rather than seek out the truth.

As a believer you must be careful in the words that you speak. God will take every idle word you speak into account. Do not slander any person, regardless of how good or how bad they are. Never speak a lie.

If you hear slander being spoken, you must put a stop to it. Do not partake in the harming of another person.

Jesus never slandered anyone, but built them up. God wants people built up to be like Jesus. They need to be encouraged, rather than cut down and destroyed.

Take time to build others up today.

I pray today that God will reveal all slander you hear; that you will build people up in Jesus; that God will strengthen you to stop all slander you hear; and that God will guide you in knowing the truth. 

Leviticus 19:16 Do Not Slander Or Endanger Others

“Do not go about spreading slander among your people. Do not do anything that endangers your neighbor’s life. I am the LORD.” Leviticus 19:16

In this chapter God gives many little rules about not doing various things to a person’s neighbor. Here He is telling people not to slander or endanger anyone. This includes spreading any type of slander that is heard.

Times have not changed. People like to slander others all the time. In the current season of the USA, it is very prevalent among politicians running for various positions. In both the workplace and government positions, when a person wants to get a position over someone else, the common thing is to point out what is wrong with the other person. This is slandering someone else, giving them a bad name in public.

Alongside of this God tells the people not to endanger the lives of their neighbor. This is most often looked at as just the physical life of the person. It can also include their character. No one is to do anything that could cause a danger of any type to any other person.

Slander is just a way of cutting someone else down to make yourself look better. Read the news or magazines and it is full of slander from one person to another, or one group to another. Movies are filled with extreme slander and endangering of other’s lives.

Jesus said that the ultimate rule is to love every person, including your enemies. When you love someone you will not want to harm them in any way. If you are living for Jesus, you will have no need to cut another person down. You will want to build them up.

Do not allow yourself to be caught up in the process of slandering and harming other people. Regardless of how bad a person is, does not give you the right to cut them down. Pray for them and lift them up before God and others.

What are your words saying about others?

How does your words and actions affect other people?

Do your words and actions build up or tear down people?

I pray today that God will fill you with His love for others; that God will reveal what your words and actions are doing; that you will seek to build others up in Jesus; and that your words and actions will represent Jesus to this world.

Revelation 2:9 You Are Rich

“I know your afflictions and your poverty–yet you are rich! I know about the slander of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan.” Revelation 2:9

John writes some words to the church in Smyrna that seem to contradict each other. He writes that Jesus said that He knows about their problems and poverty, yet He also says they are rich.

This church had been suffering some extreme persecution and slander. There were people who claimed to be Jews but were not. These people would then slander them and try to give them a bad name.

When a person is given a bad name it is difficult to do anything. No one wants to give him credit or hire him, because he is a “bad” person.

In churches today there are people who claim to be Christian. They know all the right words to say to appear to be Christian. Yet, they do not really live for Jesus. They will slander other believers. Often it is done in a way of saying that true believers are too close-minded, or are too legalistic. They will also point out any faults in a person very quickly to every person they see. Others will also promote living in ways that is against God’s Word.

These types of actions can hurt true believers and the church. It makes others look bad, even though they may be doing the right thing.

Jesus said that you are rich when this happens. Even though you may not have any money or credit, you are rich. You have something the world does not have and money cannot buy–it is life. You have eternal life.

The next verse says that to continue will get them the victor’s crown. A crown is usually made of gold and is of very high value. They were a lot richer than they thought.

You have this same wealth. You have life for all eternity in Jesus. When Jesus returns you will also receive a crown, if you are living for Him. Stay true to God and He will remain faithful to you. God is watching and knows what is happening to you right now. He will not let it get overlooked. Trust Him.

I pray today that God will strengthen you to stay true to Him; that you will not give in to the pressures of this world; that you will know how much God thinks of you; and that you will be His witness everywhere you go and in everything you do.

Jude 9 Slander

“But even the archangel Michael, when he was disputing with the devil about the body of Moses, did not himself dare to condemn him for slander but said, ‘The Lord rebuke you!” Jude 9

Jude starts out this very short letter stating that he originally wanted to talk about the salvation the people shared in with him. He decided not to do that because there was something else of greater importance. This was that there were people among them who were ungodly.

These ungodly people were not just worldly people, but people who claimed to know God. They would pervert the gospel message to the point of saying they could sin anyway that they wanted and it was acceptable.

One of the things they were known for was slander. Not only would they slander other humans, they also slandered heavenly beings. They may have been stating slander about angels at this time.

In today’s verse, Jude states something that is interesting. He points out that the archangel Michael did not even slander the devil himself. The devil, who is worthy to be slandered, was not slandered by this great angel. Michael was one of the highest angels. He had great authority and could have done so but did not.

Instead of slander, Michael stated that the Lord was to rebuke the devil. He refused to take on the authority and left it to God.

Many times today people will condemn sinners in their sinful practices. People will look at a mass murderer and condemn him to death and hell. Often people in a church will look at one member who is living in some sin and condemn him.

Jude is saying that is not your place to do so. God is the only one who has the legitimate right to condemn a person.

You may point out to a person that the sinful lifestyle they are living may bring on the judgment of God and damage their walk with God. But in no way is a person to condemn any person to hell. Allow God to bring on that judgment or rebuke.

Jesus came to save, not condemn. Are you trying to bring the person to Jesus to be saved? Or are you just condemning them with no chance of life?

I pray today that God will help you watch the words of your mouth; that you will not condemn other people; that you will build people up and bring them to Christ Jesus; and that you will allow God to bring His own judgment in His own time on whoever He decides.