Genesis 25:33 Selling Out For The Temporary

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But Jacob said, “Swear to me first.” So he swore an oath to him, selling his birthright to Jacob. Genesis 25:33

Most people will state that they will not sell out to anyone for something of less value. They want to hold on to what is valuable in their lives. What they want is what ever is of the most value, things that will bring them wealth, fame and happiness.

The challenge comes in that most people want that wealth, fame and happiness right now. They do not want to wait for it. If something comes along that appears to bring wealth, fame or happiness, they will immediately jump upon it and grab it. They will grab it, regardless of the cost or real value.

It is very common to hear of scams promising a person big money. They ask for the person to give hundreds of dollars, in order to make thousands. Then once the money is paid, they are left out without anything at all.

Esau had come into the house starved and wanting food right away. He wanted to be satisfied immediately. Jacob said he could make some stew, but it would cost him. What Jacob wanted was the birthright as the firstborn son.

Esau did not see the value of his birthright in light of his hunger, so he sold his birthright to Jacob. Immediately afterward Esau realized his mistake and despised the birthright.

The birthright gave him extra blessings and wealth for the rest of his life. The stew only filled his belly for a few minutes.

While many believers will state that they will never sell out for something of lesser value, they do sell out their birthright at times. For a moment of temporary satisfaction and pleasure they will sell the rights as a child of God in order to take pleasure in some sin. They will trample on the forgiveness God has given in order for a temporary pleasure.

There will be times you will be asked to sell out your birthright in Jesus for a temporary pleasure. Turn from it and stay with the eternal birthright of salvation Jesus has already given you.

If you make the mistake of selling out for the temporary pleasure of sin, go back to God and repent. God is gracious and will forgive you and restore your position with Him.

Don’t sell the eternal for the temporary.

I pray today that you will know what you have in Jesus; that you will know what God is giving you; that you will not sell Jesus for something temporary; and that you will remain faithful to God.