Matthew 13:16 Can You See And Hear?

But blessed are your eyes because they see, and your ears because they hear. Matthew 13:16

Events and situations are occurring all the time everywhere. Usually most, if not all, of these events are occurring with a purpose. There is some purpose that is desired to occur in the process of having that event.

The majority of the time, the purpose is right there on the surface, plain to see. However, for many other events, there are ulterior motives for the event that is not always directly seen or made known. There can be a hidden agenda behind the event.

Jesus had just spoken a parable and the disciples realized that not everyone would understand it. He tells them they are blessed when they can truly see and hear with understanding.

Most people see life as just happening. People trying to enjoy life with their freedoms, whether in or not in a sinful way. Each person is seen as just going about life in their own way in the here and now only, with no mind to long term or eternity.

While life often appears this way, there are spiritual forces at work behind the scenes. God is working to build His kingdom, while Satan is working to stop God’s kingdom. The world uses small innuendos to guide people’s thinking and actions away from God.

At the same time God is working in this world in His own way. In order for a person to see or hear what God is doing and saying, they must have open eyes and ears. They must be able to perceive what is going on in the unseen realm of this world, the spiritual realm.

Just as the disciples began to understand some of what Jesus was saying and doing, so must believers today understand.

When Jesus left the earth, He sent His Holy Spirit so that you may be guided in God’s ways. Allow the Holy Spirit to open your eyes and ears to see and hear what is really happening. Allow God to reveal what He means with what He said in His word.

As your spiritual eyes and ears are opened, you will be blessed. The blessing comes from fully understanding what is occurring around you. It comes from being able to understand God’s word to you and this world.

Can you really hear and see what God is doing? Today I pray that you will be filled with God’s Holy Spirit; that God will open your eyes and ears; that you will see and hear what is occurring in the spiritual realm; and that you will know God’s blessings with understanding.

Malachi 1:5 Great Is The Lord

You will see it with your own eyes and say, ‘Great is the Lord–even beyond the borders of Israel!’ Malachi 1:5

Over the years there have been various people who have been called great for many different reasons. Each one has done something that has been seen as wonderful or helpful to a group of people or a nation, sometimes even the entire world. These people are often honored in various ways for what they had done.

The only way people are willing to call someone great is if they have seen what the person did and believe in how wonderful it was. Often people do not know what a person has fully done and so do not realize how great they were.

God talks about how He will destroy what Edom builds against Israel. The Israelites will see what He does and call Him great, even great beyond the borders of Israel.

Inside the church walls many people will call God great. They see or feel God doing things inside the church are excited.

However, outside the church, very few see God as great. They have closed their eyes off to seeing what God has done or is doing in this world. People see situations as coincidence or chance, not as the hand of God working in it.

Those who have open spiritual eyes will see God moving in the world. They will see God holding back the enemy and frustrating the plans of the enemy. This will be seen locally and around the world, not just inside the church building.

When these things are seen, every believer will claim how great God is. They will see His loving and powerful hand at work in this world and will tell everyone about it. It will be a testimony to this world of who God is.

As you go through your days, take time to see what God is doing. Ask God to open your eyes to realize how much God is working in your life and in this fallen world.

He is at work holding back the enemy’s attacks upon your life. God is at work saving people and changing their lives all over the world.

As you see what God is doing proclaim how great He is. Tell God how great He is. Tell all those around you how great He is.

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Savior; that you will see God at work in your life; that you tell others how great God is; and that you will be a witness of who Jesus is.