John 12:47 Not Here To Judge


“If anyone hears my words but does not keep them, I do not judge that person. For I did not come to judge the world, but to save the world.” John 12:47

Jesus had been talking about His purpose for being on the earth. He now points out that if anyone does not obey His words, He will not judge them. Jesus is on the earth to save, not judge. Someone else will judge all the disobedience in the end.

When people do something wrong, it is often expected that they will be judged for what they did. There is supposed to be some type of consequence for doing the wrong thing. The world will judge someone when a person has broken a written law. If the law has not been made, there is no condemnation.

When the world looks at a lot of Christianity, all they often see is judgment. Believers are very quick to judge others and point out the sins in other people. There are many believers who will stand up and point out the sins of the world to both believers and non-believers.

Some believers will not even talk to non-believers because of a sin that was done. They will stand up and condemn non-believers for living in wrong lifestyles or disobeying God’s word. Yet, all the world is doing, is living as they are–without God or His law.

Many churches will condemn believers inside the church for not obeying God’s laws and commands. They will be quick to tell a person that he or she is not going to heaven because of some sin in their life.

Yet, Jesus did not go around condemning people. He spoke of sin, but more often, He spoke of salvation and living for God. When a person sins, Jesus does not automatically condemn them to hell. He tries to draw them back. He leaves the condemnation of disobedience to the Father for when He returns in the end.

You must be careful with your words when pointing out sins in others. Do not stand in judgment, but show God’s love, grace and mercy. Point out that Jesus came to take away those sins. Allow God to do all the condemnation when Jesus returns.

Show others how they can love and serve God, rather than condemning them. Jesus came to love and, not judge and condemn.

You are here to save, not condemn as Jesus was.

I pray today that you will know the salvation that Jesus offers; that you will show God’s love to others; that you will not condemn others, but point others to Jesus; and that many will begin to follow Jesus because of your love and words.

John 3:17 Not To Condemn

Stone Condemnation.jpg

For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him. John 3:17

Condemnation is something that runs very high in this world. It occurs regardless of whether a person is a believer or not. People blame others for what happens and condemns their actions.

People are quick to look at the Old Testament laws and how some required death. Then they apply that to the entire Bible and are quick to condemn other people. Or non-believers will believe that all the Bible does is condemn them.

Believers will often read the bible and grab onto teachings against sin, then they will point out those sins in the lives of others. When they see those sins, they are fast to condemn a person as a non-believer and going to hell. They focus on speaking against the sin, rather than pointing out God’s willingness to forgive and showing His great love.

While it is true that a person who does not believe in or follow Jesus is on a path to hell, Jesus never went around condemning people to hell. His entire purpose of His life and ministry was to save people. He wanted to point out what God has done for them. The only people Jesus was harsh with, were the people who claimed to be believers in God, yet did not follow Him and even fought against Him.

If a believer just points out sin and that a person is going to hell, but never points to Jesus and His love, there will be little expectation that the non-believer will ever change. There is no love to draw him to Jesus.

The only time Jesus is going to do condemnation is when He returns to wipe out all sin for all time. At that point people who do not follow Him will be condemned for all eternity. Until then, His focus is to seek and save the lost. God wants every person to be saved.

When you are speaking to others, you need to be like Jesus. Put away all condemnation. Point out God’s great love and mercy. Present Jesus to the people so that they can be saved.

Allow God to choose when and how a person is condemned. You do the work of bringing people to Jesus to be saved.

How many can be saved through your testimony of love?

I pray today that you will know God’s love for the lost; that you will not speak condemnation on anyone; that you will present God’s love and mercy to this world; and that many will know Jesus through your words and actions.

Genesis 6:22 Do Everything God Commands

“Noah did everything just as God commanded him.” Genesis 6:22

God was upset with the people of the world. As a whole, the entire population of earth was extremely corrupt and sinful. He chose to destroy the world by a flood. At the same time God chose to save Noah and his family and some of the animals.

Think a little about what God was telling Noah. First, that He would destroy the world by a flood. Up to this point in history of the world there had been no floods. The earth was being watered by the dew and water coming up out of the ground Noah probably could not comprehend rain, much less the flooding of everything.

Then, God tells him to build a very large boat. The dimensions are about 450 feet long, 75 feet wide, and 45 feet high. That is a very large boat and God told Noah to build it with his three sons. Again, Noah most likely was unable to fully understand the size of that boat.

What God was telling Noah would happen and what he was to do did not make sense. Nothing like it had ever happened before. Why would it happen now?

Yet, Noah did exactly everything God told him to do and in the way He told him to do it. In this way God had preserved mankind from being completely destroyed from the earth. Through Noah, He saved mankind.

Since Noah fully obeyed God, you are here today.

Now, several thousand years later, God may be asking you to do something. He will not ask you to build a large boat to save mankind, since He promised to never to destroy the world by a flood again.

However, God may ask you to do something that does not make sense. It may be something simple, such as talking to someone, who hates Christians, about Jesus. Or asking you to give more to a mission than ever before.

Or it could be larger things, such as picking up to move somewhere to start ministry. Or to go on a missions trip.

The list of what God could ask you to do is unlimited. Are you going to do what He asks you to do? Are you going to trust that He is with you in it?

Or will you decline in fear?

I pray today that you will hear what God is telling you; that God will reveal to you what He wants you to do; that God will give you strength to do His will; and that you will do what ever God asks of you.