Proverbs 6:6 Ants And Life

Go to the ant, you sluggard; consider its ways and be wise! Proverbs 6:6

Ants are a little creature that no one really likes, yet they are very amazing and interesting. They can be seen always moving, always working. Watch a line of ants going somewhere. They are always in line with each other as they travel. Disturb an ant pile and watch them go to work to repair the damage.

Along with seeing them work, just take a look at the ant hill that was made. Ant hills can be several inches high and a foot across. Looking at how small each ant is and how small each granule of sand or dirt is, it is amazing how much work they had to do in order to build that hill.

Solomon tells the people to look at the ant and consider its ways. It is always working and building.

Many people do not like to work. They want to sit at home or somewhere else and relax. The method of relaxing is different for each person. Some like to play games, watch sports, read books, sleep, or something else. The common thread is that they do not want to do any work.

People like to procrastinate on what needs to be done. Or they want to let someone else do the job.

Solomon was looking at the provision for self. Working to provide food, clothing and shelter for yourself.

Along with needing to work for those things, Jesus gave you a job to do. His job is to build His kingdom. It is a spiritual, eternal job on this earth. That job is to go out and tell others about Him. How many people in the world around you still do not know about Jesus?

As you go through your days, you must take an inventory of how you are spending your days. How much time are you just relaxing?

And how much time are you working to do God’s will on this earth and build His kingdom?

Do not allow this world to distract you from the job you need to do. Allow God to give you the strength needed to get the work done. Do not slack off today.

I pray today that you will know what God wants you to do; that God will strengthen you for the job to be done; that God will reveal areas that need work; and that you will find rest in God alone.


Summer “Break”

Summer “break” is almost here, at least it is a break for most children. School is out, or almost out for most children. Public schools are coming to an end within the next week. Some of those children will need to attend a summer school, most will not.

Those who homeschool have no set time to stop school. Some continue schooling throughout the summer, others take a short break or stop the entire summer.

Although most children are looking forward to the summer break, many adults do not see it as anything different. Unless you work a school type job, you still have to work throughout the summer. The only thing that really changes is that you have your children more at home.

Many people will attempt to take a vacation during the summer when the whole family can be a part of it. Most people love the idea of taking a vacation, though many have trouble affording it. Often the way vacation is taken is on a credit card, then they take the next year to attempt to pay it off, or they make  the minimum payments and pay the high interest.

Taking a vacation does not have to be a trip to Disney Land or some exotic island in the Bahamas. It can be something that is a little different and local. Depending on the age of  your children, and how many you have, will determine what you can do for a vacation.

If your children are little, instead of traveling cross-country, go to a nearby city with a children’s museum, or bring them a few times to different city parks to play outside together. What little children want the most is time together with their parents. Trips to the park or beach can be just the thing, without breaking the bank account.

When your children are older, find out from them lower cost things that they would like to go see. They may like to go on a hike together, or go to a museum. Many like to go to the larger theme parks. Instead of going for three days, maybe just make a day trip with it.

One important thing for summer break is to enjoy the time together as a family in whatever you do. Another important thing is to keep it within your actual affordable budget. Do not go into debt for it. Then remember to relax during the break. Don’t try to pack in too much.

Finally, keep God in the center of everything you do. Seek God as to how He wants you to relax and take a summer break or vacation. While traveling take time to worship God for the beauty of the world He created.

Enjoy your summer break!