2 Corinthians 1:8 Truth Of Unseen Troubles

We do not want you to be uninformed, brothers and sisters, about the troubles we experienced in the province of Asia. We were under great pressure, far beyond our ability to endure, so that we despaired of life itself. 2 Corinthians 1:8

When a person looks at a very wealthy person, they often think about how easy that person has it. They do not see the struggles or challenges that the wealthy person has or is going through.

Each person, regardless of position, has some challenges that he must face that others cannot see or maybe even understand.

Some of the Corinthian believers must have believed that Paul was having it easy as a believer. Paul tells them that he had so many problems in Asia, that he wanted to die.

On the surface, the life of many people appears to be good and easy going. It appears as if everything is going their way and that they have no challenges or problems. This thinking often occurs because most people do not air their problems or challenges. All that is seen is the good side of one’s life.

Every person has problems that go on behind closed doors. It may be physical or emotional, but they are still major problems.

It is common for people to see a seasoned believer and think that he has arrived and has no problems. All people are seeing is the surface of his life. The deep weeping and pain that is done in quiet is not seen by the general public.

Jesus promised that His followers would have trouble. Yet, many get discouraged and think they are the only ones going through trouble.

Every believer will have trouble in his life. Even Jesus had troubles, weeping to the point of death. Sometimes to the point of despairing of life. However, a believer will also trust God through it and move forward in spite of the trouble.

You may see some other fellow believer who seems to have everything going for him and has no problems. Do not believe that. Do not allow yourself to be jealous or uninformed.

Know that every believer, not just yourself, has many problems and challenges in life. God has a purpose for those troubles, trust Him and allow Him to work in and through you, despite the troubles. God is using those troubles to build and shape you and to build His kingdom through you.

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Savior; that you will know the hope you have in Jesus; that you will trust God in all of your troubles; that God will show His purpose in all of your troubles; and that God will open your eyes to what is occurring in your life.

Daniel 3:6 Pressure

Logs on fire

Whoever does not fall down and worship will immediately be thrown into a blazing furnace. Daniel 3:6 

Everywhere a person goes there is always pressure being applied to get him to do something. Advertisements bombard a person daily to get one to purchase some item that he ‘needs’ to really live life. Pressure for a person to vote a certain way. There is pressure to like or accept certain things or lifestyles.

When a person does not give into those pressures, there is often some type of consequence. Unwritten, unofficial punishment occurs, a shunning, a push-back.

King Nebuchadnezzar had built a statue of gold of himself and wanted everyone to bow down and worship it. Several Jews chose not to bow down. Pressure was put upon them to bow down. The pressure was that if they chose not to bow down, they would be thrown into a furnace to be burnt alive.

While there are many things that are put upon a person to do that are not directly sinful, such as purchasing a new car, or buying a certain type of soda, there is a lot of pressure to do things that go against God’s word. Pressure is put upon a person to choose and accept sin in his life.

Most will not tell a person to lie, but pressure will be put on a person to ‘bend the truth’ a little. Or they will be asked to hide a situation, rather than call it out. In the individual life, one often feels pressure to overlook the ‘little’ sins in his life.

Although most won’t have to pay with their life in a furnace, there is a cost to compromising God’s holy standards. Sin is sin and leads to death.

Every believer must be willing to stand up for the standards of God in his own life and not give in to the pressures of this world to sin.

You will have pressure come against you to sin. Threats will be made that if you do not live, act, or speak a certain way there will be consequences against you.

In your heart you have to make a choice as to who you will serve and obey. Will it be God or will it be self and this world?

Allow yourself to be filled with God’s Holy Spirit and power to overcome the pressure to sin. Be willing to go into the furnace, rather than sin against God.

I pray today that you will know God’s holy standards to live by; that God will give you strength to stand up to pressure to sin; that you will seek God when being pressured to sin; and that you will trust God to preserve you when punished by this world. 

Job 6:8-9 Wanting To Quit

“Oh, that I might have my request, that God would grant what I hope for, that God would be willing to crush me, to let loose his hand and cut off my life!” Job 6:8-9

Under the great pressure of all the loss Job had gone through, he was requesting that God would take his life. He could not see where he had gone wrong with God, but believed the fault had to be with himself. Since he felt the guilt, he wanted to die and get it all over with.

People all over the world go through many different types of pressure. For many, the pressure gets to be too much and they want to end it all. The method that they choose to end it all is very often suicide.

Everyday thousands of people attempt suicide to end the pain of whatever they are suffering. Many of those people succeed. They believe that death is the easiest way out of the pain and that they have no other choice.

Not every one goes to the point of suicide. There are many, even among believers, who desire that God would take their life. They quietly desire that somehow they would die, rather than live with the pain and trouble of life.

Job was at this point. It was good for him that God did not grant his request. In the end God blessed him with a lot more than he had before.

There will be times that you will want to quit. You will feel the pressure that God is allowing you to go through is too great for you.

Your real challenge will come in as to whether you are trusting God or not. Are you trusting that God will not give you more than you can handle?

Satan and this world will try to break you down and destroy you. God is trying to build you up into someone great. Both create extreme pressure and at times great pain. Both may cause you to want to quit and give it all up.

Let go of this temporary life and trust God for it. Allow Him to do what is best in your life. Seek Him during the painful times and do not give up. Do not be discouraged, but trust in God. Do not quit or desire for God to end your life.

I pray today that God will give you His peace and strength; that you will trust God’s path for your life; that you will not be crushed under the pressure God allows; and that you will not give up.

Nehemiah 6:13 Intimidation

He had been hired to intimidate me so that I would commit a sin by doing this, and then they would give me a bad name to discredit me. Nehemiah 6:13

Several people were upset that the Israelites were building a wall around the city. They tried to get Nehemiah to move away from the wall in order to stop it from being built. One of the ways they tried this was to spread false words that they were about to be attacked and that there were people about to attack and kill Nehemiah. Nehemiah realized that all they were trying to do was intimidate him so that he would go against God’s commands and sin, thus discredit him.

When the world does not like someone who is popular and doing great things, they try to find a way to stop him. Usually when a person is doing great things, many people like him, but there are always some who do not. The easiest way to stop a person is to discredit him, make the people think he is worthless or false.

As the world looks at believers who are standing strong and true to God, the best way to stop a believer is discredit them. However, if a believer is standing true, that is a difficult task. The enemy then will try to intimidate a believer.

False lies are said to put pressure on a believer to do something sinful. In a workplace, these lies can get the person to do fight back in the wrong way or say things that are wrong and do not honor God. It can often appear that a person’s job is on the line, even though it is not true.

Once the world can get the believer to do something wrong, his testimony about Jesus becomes very weak. Many will no longer believe or follow God because of it.

You must keep your life focused on what God has given you to do. Do not let the pressure of this world try to intimidate you into do something against what God has told you to do.

Do not allow yourself to do something that would harm your testimony about what Jesus has done in your life.

I pray today that God will strengthen you to live for Him; that you will not give into the intimidation the world gives; that God will open your eyes to the false lies of this world; and that you will be a strong witness for Jesus.

Ezra 4:24 Giving In To Pressure

Thus the work on the house of God in Jerusalem came to a standstill until the second year of the reign of Darius king of Persia. Ezra 4:24

King Cyrus had given the Israelites permission to rebuild the temple and the city of Jerusalem. The people in the surrounding area began to be afraid. They that if the city was rebuilt, the Israelites would revolt and break away. They persuaded the king to force the people to stop the building. After a lot of pressure, the Israelites stopped the building of the temple.

In the eyes of the world, Christians are a dangerous threat, even though Christians are to love everyone, including their enemies. The threat comes in that Christians do not believe in or act the way the world does. Jesus had set a standard that was different from that of the world. This has a severe effect on the lives of those in the world and they do not like it.

People in the world try to accuse Christians of hate because they do not conform to the world’s standards of living. For many years in America there has been the term of “political correctness” being used. Believers are threatened in many ways to give in to the world’s way of living.

Sadly, many believers have given in to the pressure to conform to this world’s standards. They feel the threats of job losses, jail time, lawsuits and more, and choose to change their words and standards. Churches, and many believers, now allow open sin as acceptable in God’s eyes, changing the Word of God, and doing what God clearly says not to do.

As the Israelites gave in to the pressure to stop building the temple, many believers today give in to the pressure to stop building God’s kingdom. They stop being His witness out of fear of those in the world.

The world will do their best to put pressure on you to turn from Jesus and follow their ways. As the world puts on the pressure on you to give in to their ways, you must make a choice as to who you will follow.

Will you follow Jesus, who gives life?

Or will you follow this world, which brings only death?

I pray today that you will stay focused on what God wants you to do; that you will only live for God; that God will give you strength to overcome pressure to turn from Him; and that you will continue to build His kingdom.