Hebrews 2:18 He Can Help

“Because he himself suffered when he was tempted, he is able to help those who are being tempted.” Hebrews 2:18

Jesus is God and has existed for all eternity. He was the One who created everything that there is. As God, Jesus could not understand or deal with the power of sin in a human’s life. The Father knew this and so had Jesus take on a body and become like every human being that ever walked this earth.

Part of being a human being is going through temptations to sin against God. Everyone knows of the temptation of Jesus with the devil in the wilderness, but often forget of the many other temptations that He dealt with. The Bible does not look at the other temptations and describe them that way. Think about the challenges Jesus had as to when to heal a person; or when the people wanted to make Him king; or when He did not go to heal Lazarus, but had to wait to let him die first; and during the time of the crucifixion to not get off that cross and kill everyone.

Jesus suffered through all of those temptations and many more. He was tempted many times to do something that was not God’s desire. Yet, every time He chose the correct path.

This was done in order to help you. Every person on this earth faces temptations to sin against God. Sometimes those temptations are big and powerful, other times they are small little pokes, but either way they are there to stop a person from serving God.

When you are faced with temptation, you must take the time to look at Jesus. Realize that He has “been there, done that” already. He can show you the way out of that temptation. He can give you the strength to flee that temptation.

This can only be done if you allow Him to do so. He is there to help you, not condemn you or set you up for failure. Will you trust Him? Will you turn to Jesus for help? Will you turn away from all sin?

A lot of people do not like to receive help. As a believer in Jesus, you need to accept His help. Do not let pride stop you.

I pray today that you will turn to Jesus for help; that you will not allow temptation to win in your life; that you will flee all temptation to sin; that you will allow Jesus to break the power of sin in your life; and that you will allow Jesus to use you to be His witness of His power.