April 3, 2020 Verse Of The Day

Isaiah 55-11

2 Timothy 2:4 Proper Affairs

“No one serving as a soldier gets entangled in civilian affairs, but rather tries to please his commanding officer.” 2 Timothy 2:4

There is no record of Paul ever being in the military during his life, yet he had a very good understanding on how the military works. He knew that a good soldier strives to please his commander. The bad soldier tries to do things outside of the military, in the civilian community.

In the Army, there are soldiers who get involved in things outside of their job. Some of those things get them in trouble. Watch the news and you will constantly hear of people getting in trouble for doing something outside of their command or position.

A soldier’s focus should be upon his job and what his commander desires. Any thing less than this is slacking on the job. He does not have his affairs set in correct order. These soldiers want both worlds, they want the freedom of being a civilian, while having the benefits of being a soldier.

As a believer, you are a soldier for Jesus. From Genesis to Revelation, the Bible talks about a battle. It is the battle for the souls of men and women. Satan with this world is trying to get you to follow their ways. God is trying to have you follow His path for you.

Just like in the Army, there are many believers who have affairs of both sides. They want the best of both worlds. They want what the world has for them, while having the blessings of Jesus. These are not proper affairs.

A good soldier will choose which side he is on. Being a soldier, his focus will be on his commander. The commanding officer for every believer is Jesus. He is the one in control.

Who are you trying to please?

What affairs are you dealing with? The world’s? Or God’s?

God wants to reach the world for Jesus. Are you striving to tell the world about Jesus?

Are you trying to live for and like Jesus? Or are you trying to be a civilian, like the world?

I pray today that you will have a fresh vision of Jesus as your commanding officer; that you will allow Jesus full control of your life; that you will not seek to have an affair with the world; and that you will live to please Jesus.