Luke 22:18 Just As He Said

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They left and found things just as Jesus had told them. So they prepared the Passover. Luke 22:18

The day for the Passover was approaching. Jesus wanted to celebrate the Passover with the disciples in town. He gave some of the disciples detailed instructions on how to prepare for it. They were to walk up to someone and tell the person that the Teacher needed a guest room and it would be given to them. They went into town and found it just like Jesus told them it would be.

People are often given directions every day. They are told how to do certain things to get a job done correctly. When people are giving directions about things, it is common that the thing will be just as it was told. Giving directions about a thing and how to repair it or to operate it is an easy thing to do. Often that object is just as it was told about.

Dealing with people can be different. People are told to meet with someone at a certain place. Sometimes that person is there, while other times that person is not there. It becomes a little more difficult to follow.

As with the case with Jesus and the disciples, they had to go up to a stranger and make a strange request. And it happened just as Jesus said it would happen.

There will be times in every believers life that God will give directions that don’t always make sense. It will be difficult to believe that the situation will be just as God said it would. However, just as the disciples found out that Jesus was right, you can find out His word is true also.

God has said that He would never leave or forsake you. Jesus has said He has given you all authority and power needed. God has said that He will provide for all of your needs.

Go forward and trust His word. You will find out that everything will be just as Jesus has told you. In the end you will step into heaven and also find out it is everything Jesus said it would be and more.

If Jesus can coordinate the celebration of the Passover as He did with His disciples, He can coordinate your life. Step forward and trust His word. You will find out it is just as He said.

I pray today that you will hear God’s guidance for your life; that you will trust God’s word; that you will see things just as God said it would be; and that God will use you to build His kingdom.