Ezra 7:10 Devoted To God’s Word

Study the bible

For Ezra had devoted himself to the study and observance of the Law of the LORD,  and to teaching its decrees and laws in Israel. Ezra 7:10 

Devotion to something is being committed to it. It is being willing to focus on whatever it is one is devoted to, regardless of what else is going on around. It is giving all of one’s time and attention to something.

People are devoted to many different things. Some common things people are devoted to are jobs, sports teams, and hobbies. Often these and other devotions are held so tightly that they can cause the expense of neglect in other areas of life.

Some things should hold this level of devotion, but are often not. Marriage devotion is often ignored. Time with God is often ignored. Many things that should be long-term or eternal are ignored in devotion.

Ezra was a priest during the time of Israel’s exile in Babylon. He had devoted himself to studying and teaching God’s laws to the people of Israel. Since he had devoted himself to God’s word, God’s hand of favor was upon him.

Although today there is grace the overrides the law of the Old Testament, God’s word is still to be used. Believers can devote themselves to studying His word and teaching others about it. This teaching is discipling others, which is what God commanded every believer to do–go and make disciples in all the world.

Studying God’s word does not mean one needs a bible college degree or cannot do other work, it is just taking time daily to get into His word and learn what it is says. It is more than just reading a verse or two each day and running on with the rest of the day. It is taking time to understand what it says and how to apply it  to life, then take that word to others.

You, like most people, may have some things that you are devoted to in your life. Your first devotion should be to God and His word. It is His word that lets you know what God wants and how to do it. Take time daily to focus on His word and apply it to your life. Then take time to share what you have learned with others.

Being devoted to His word is making God’s word a priority each day in your life.

Is God’s word a priority in your life?

I pray today that God will place a hunger for His word in your life; that God’s Holy Spirit will guide you in understanding His word; that you will apply God’s word to your life; and that you will share God’s word with everyone you meet.

Ezra 7:10 Devoted To God’s Word

For Ezra had devoted himself to the study and observance of the Law of the LORD, and to teaching its decrees and laws in Israel. Ezra 7:10

The new king of Persia, Artaxerxes, had provided Ezra with everything needed to build the temple and offer the required sacrifices. He also made a law that everyone had to worship God correctly. All these things were done because Ezra was dedicated to knowing, following and teaching God’s Word correctly.

Devotion is what makes the difference between someone being good at something or being great at it. There are many men that love to play football or golf, but only part-time. They like to play them once in a while on the weekends, but not every day, all day.

They can play the game, but not very well. Those who become professional at it or good enough to win small local tournaments, are devoted to the game. They practice daily, constantly learning how to improve their play.

The majority of believers in the church only open their Bible on Sunday morning as the pastor speaks. Then there are a few who read a few Bible verses each day. Even less, are those who are devoted to God’s Word. Those few study God’s Word daily, apply it to their lives, and tell others what it says.

Being devoted to God’s Word, means that you take time to study it fully to understand it. You then work to apply what you have learned from God’s Word to your own life. Once you have done these things, then you must tell others what you have learned.

Stopping short in any of these areas, keeps you from being devoted to God’s Word.

When you are not devoted to God’s Word, you will miss out on what God has for you. You will also cause others to miss what God has for them. Ultimately you will slow down or stop building God’s kingdom on this earth, which is the whole purpose of when Jesus came to this earth.

Take a look at your life. Are you devoted to God’s Word?

Or are you just a part-time partaker of God’s Word?

Do not make God’s Word just a temporary part of your life.

I pray today that God will give you a love for His Word; that God will open your eyes to His Word; that you will obey God’s Word; and that you will share God’s Word with others.

Luke 24:48 What You Have Seen

“You are witnesses of these things.” Luke 24:48

Jesus had risen from the dead and appeared to all of the disciples and many other people. He made it very clear to them about what the Scriptures had stated about Himself. Now He points out that they were witnesses to all these things that happened to Him. They were now being sent out to be a witness to the world.

The message the disciples were to bring to the world was who Jesus was and what He did. All they had to speak about is what they had seen.

No one today was there when Jesus died on the cross and rose again. People today cannot be a witness to that by direct sight. However, each person has been a witness to many other things.

Think about your life. Why did you choose to follow Jesus? What made Him attractive to you?

For each person these answers will be different. This is what you have seen. Some of this sight will be physically seen, other things will be spiritually seen. Tell others about these things.

Along with why you came to Jesus, what has God done in your life? Everyone has a testimony of something good in his/her life.

Did you get up and walk this morning? Many cannot walk. If you are reading this, you are still alive. Many did not wake up today.

Do you have a bed to sleep on? Millions around just America do not have even a building to sleep in, much less a bed to sleep on.

Do you have a church to go to, in order to worship and hear sermons? Many parts of the world there are no churches.

Has God ever healed you? Given you a promotion at a job? Provided a job? Healed a family member? Protected you in a wreck?

Think about all the things you have seen in your life that God had a hand in. These are the things you are a witness to. Be willing to tell others about them. Tell the world about Jesus and all He ahs done for you.

I pray today that God will reveal things He has helped you with in your life; that you will see all that God is doing in your life; that you will be His witness to the world; that you will not fear telling others about Jesus; and that God will build His kingdom through you.