Mark 11:22 Have Faith In God

“Have faith in God, Jesus answered.” Mark 11:22

Jesus and the disciples had been walking along the road. Jesus saw a fig tree that was not producing fruit, and so He cursed it. The next morning as they passed by it again, the disciples noticed that the fig tree had withered up and died. They were amazed.

Jesus, then, tells them to have faith in God.

Faith is a belief and trust in someone or something. Every person has been given some faith. Every person has some faith. It is just a matter of question as to what their faith is in.

Every day when you go out to your car you have faith that your car will start. Or when you go to work, you have faith that you still have a job. Or when you turn on the light switch, that the light will turn on.

You have faith when you drive down the road, that the other drivers will stay on their side of the road. You have faith the leaders of your community will make correct decisions.

There are many other things you have faith in. Some things you may have more faith in, while other things, you have less faith in.

You can have perfect faith in God in everything. God is a God of love and will take care of you. God will only give you what is best for you. God will also answer every prayer that you pray.

Are you listening for God to answer your prayer? Are you willing to accept His answer?

Do not doubt anything with God. Every time you pray, God will answer. Sometimes it will be a positive answer to your prayer, other times a negative answer to your prayer, but always an answer.

Believe that whatever the answer is, it is the best answer possible. God will work in and through you each and everyday, if you believe in Him.

Where is your faith today?

I pray today that God will prove His faithfulness to you; that you will have faith in God; that you will not doubt God at all; that you will trust God in all of His answers to you; and that God will make you more like Jesus everyday.