Psalm 8:1 An Excellent Name

O Lord, our Lord, how excellent is Your name in all the earth, who have set Your glory above the heavens! Psalm 8:1

Over time there have been men and women who have had excellent names that are known throughout all nations. They have been people who have done great things that impacted the entire world in some way or another. People all over the world talk about these great men and women and what they had accomplished. Monuments and buildings are often built in honor of these famous people. However, with all their great deeds, they are only temporary and on this planet alone.

David gives praise to God saying how wonderful His name is throughout the earth with glory above the heavens.

Everyone can probably name someone who has done something great locally, nationally and worldwide. Many will have been impacted by these others who have done something great. When people speak of these others, they lift them up and honor them with the greatest honor they can provide.

One name that is above all of these other names is Jesus. Although David did not know Jesus during his time, he lifted God up knowing that God would provide salvation someday. Jesus, being God Himself, came to the earth, died on the cross and rose from the dead to provide forgiveness of sins and eternal life to all who believe.

No person on earth has done anything greater than that! No one has done anything that will last for eternity as what Jesus had done for everyone, even while they hated Him.

How excellent is His name in all the earth! Believers need to see and recognize how excellent His name is. They need to give Him praise and tell the world about Him above all other good people.

You may or may not have a great name in your community, but you probably know some men or women who have great names, known for doing great things. Regardless of your name or who you know, there is One you need to know and recognize that is above all other names.

Jesus, God in the flesh, is greater than any other who has ever walked this planet in all of history. He has provided you with forgiveness of your sins and given you salvation that gives life for all eternity.

How excellent is His name to you?

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Lord and Savior; that you will know how excellent God’s name is in Christ Jesus; that you will give God praise for His excellent name; and that you will honor God above all others.

Picture by Michael Krahn under Unsplash

Psalm 3:3 God Is Your Shield

But You, O Lord, are a shield for me, my glory and the One who lifts up my head. Psalm 3:3

Protection against the attacks of an enemy has been the desire of every person throughout all time. For thousands of years, armies have used shields to protect themselves. A shield puts a block between the attacks of the enemy and the individual carrying it. Over time there have been many different types of shields used to protect people or even things from being harmed or damaged. However, normal people cannot walk around carrying a shield and physical shields cannot protect from everything.

David tells God that He is a shield for him and the One who lifts up his head. This was said while he was fleeing from Absalom.

Going through life, most people are never in an army and are not physically attacked by an enemy in which a physical shield would protect them. Yet, everyday people are attacked by the enemy in many different ways. Their minds are attacked to get them to think thoughts that go against God or to make choices against God. Many are attacked with words that hurt and cut them down.

Satan goes around seeking who he can steal from, kill and destroy. Ultimately this is not to just destroy physically, but also destroy the soul. This is done through other people to accomplish his mission. Believers will be attacked on a regular basis to get them to stop following God.

There will be times that the attacks of the enemy will appear to be overwhelming. Believers need to be holding on to the shield of faith in God, knowing that God is with them and will save them through the attacks. God will lift up the head of the believer, because the believer knows that God is in control and will win the battle in the end.

If you have faith in God and believe His word, you have a shield that will protect you from destruction. You may be physically beat down and harmed, but your soul will live for eternity. God will make a way out of falling into temptation if you seek Him and obey Him.

Do not fear the attacks of the enemy, because you know that God is with you and will not leave or forsake you. God is your shield and the lifter of your head in times of attacks.

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Lord and Savior; that you will know God is your shield; that you will trust God in every area of your life; and that you will know God will lift you up.

Picture by Michal Matlon under Unsplash