Mark 5:8 What Is Your Name?

Then Jesus asked him, “What is your name?” “My name is Legion,” he replied, “for we are many.” Mark 5:8

Names are used all the time by people all over the world. It is one thing that is common with every person, in every nation. Names are what helps identify a person as to who he is.

Alongside of names are also titles that people are given. Titles are a secondary way of identifying a person. Often titles refer more to what they do or can do, rather than who they are. Many people are more concerned about their title name, than their personal name. Titles give them status.

Jesus met a man who was demon possessed. The first thing Jesus asked was what his name was. The man gave the name of ‘Legion’, because they were many demons in him.

While some believers are against names or titles, God does give them out. It is a title that identifies a person as to whether he is a believer or not. The name of every believer is written in the palm of God’s hand and He knows every one by name.

Not only does every believer have their own personal names, God has given each one some names. Some names that God gives every believer are: child of God, saved, redeemed, warrior, forgiven, family, beloved, heir with Christ and many more.

These names can encourage a believer and strengthen him. The world will try to give him a different name, the name of his past. But God’s naming allows the world to know who he is.

However, none of these names are given, if the person does not accept and follow Christ Jesus and what He did. The person must become a new creation to receive the new names.

As a believer God has done many new things in your life. The greatest is that you are forgiven and are now a part of His eternal family. You now carry God’s name on you.

Although your personal name is good and important, it is more important that people know you by the name God has given you. Do not be ashamed to tell people that you are saved, forgiven, a child of God and much, much more.

Hold on to the truth of who you are in Christ Jesus. You are no longer a child of this fallen world, but a child in God’s family. Live by the name God has given you.

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Savior; that you will know the names God has given you; that you will be a changed person in Christ Jesus; and that you will live your life by God’s standards.

Luke 8:30 What Is Your Name

“Jesus asked him, ‘What is your name?’ ‘Legion,’ he replied, because many demons had gone into him.” Luke 8:30

The disciples and Jesus had landed in the area of the Gerasenes. In that area a man was living alone that was demon possessed. No one could control the man at all because of the demons.

Jesus asked the man what his name was. The man gave the name of “Legion”. The reason for that name was that there were many demons living inside the man. The word “legion” means many people. His name described who he was.

Afterwards, Jesus cast the demons out of the man. He became a follower of Jesus and went to his home town telling everyone what God had done for him.

In the United States, names do not usually carry the weight of meaning for a person that it did in Biblical times. Some people do name their children with the meaning of the name in mind, but many do not.

However, everyone can have other names that describe who they are. Parents are called “Mom” and “Dad”. Those in authority at work are called “Managers” or “Supervisors”.

You have specific names for who you are also. Each person is somewhat different in their names.

Some names that every follower of Jesus has are that of “Child of God”, and “Anointed One”. Every believer has become a co-heir with Jesus, so they are also a child of God. Every believer has been filled with God’s Holy Spirit, so he is also anointed.

What does this mean for you today? It shows who you are and who you belong to.

The man in the reading today held the name “Legion” because he was controlled by a legion of demons. Who are you controlled by? Who is inside of you?

If you are a “Child of God”, you have everything God has. You have His characteristics, looks, appearance, and favor. Live your life with this in mind. Do not live like the world, but like Jesus. Live up to the name that you have been given.

I pray today that God will reveal His names for you; that you will live your life as a child of God; that God will reveal His plans for your life; and that God will build His kingdom through you.