Grace Rules

Title: Grace Rules
Steve McVey
Publisher: Harvest House Publishers
Date: 1998
Pages: 203

The author looks at how many Christians are living for God, but are not always living in joy and excitement with God. People are always condemning themselves for the sins they have committed and feel that they will never measure up to God’s standard of living. They are being robbed of the abundant life that Jesus said every believer will have.

He points out that many Christians are living under the laws of many things to do or not to do. They feel that in order to please God, they must follow all the laws, both God’s and man-made, perfectly. They also impose those laws on others. This type of living is a legalistic life, living by rules, rather than by grace. If the Israelites in the Old Testament were unable to fully obey the laws of God, no one today can begin to do it either.

Looking at the New Testament, the author shows that Jesus fulfilled the law’s requirements which now allows God to pour out grace on His followers. No person is good enough to deserve the life God is willing to give through Jesus. No person will ever become good enough to earn their way into heaven.

This is where grace comes in. God is willing to give you the abundant life in and through Jesus. Jesus is to live in. You are to be controlled by Jesus and the Holy Spirit, rather than by your own thoughts and actions or this world.

It is pointed out that under the law, you have to obey God. Under grace, you will want to obey God. Previously it was a mandatory requirement. Now it is a choice desire.

The Bible calls every believer in Jesus a holy child of God, a royal priesthood. Do you believe that you are a holy child of God and a royal priesthood in God’s family?

This book will help you see the fullness of the grace God is willing to pour out on you. It will help you see how you can have your heart changed to be able to overcome sinful acts in your life.

If you are struggling with living the “full” life Jesus had promised; or if you feel like there should be more to your life with Jesus; or if you feel like you just don’t measure up to God’s standards, then this book is a great book for you to read.

This book is written in easy to read format. There are questions at the end of each chapter for you to ask yourself in response to what was written. Many scripture verses are used throughout the book. I highly recommend every believer to read this book.


Matthew 16:6 Be On Your Guard

“Be careful, Jesus said to them. Be on your guard against the yeast of the Pharisees and Sadducees.” Matthew 16:6

Jesus had just fed 4,000 people with just a little bread and fish. The people had been sent home and Jesus and the disciples left the area. Suddenly Jesus tells the disciples something that is a little different. He talks about yeast.

In the following verses, the first thought of the disciples had been about not having enough bread to feed the people. It was their first thought to focus on a mistake they feel they made.

They felt they should have had enough foresight to bring bread for food while Jesus was teaching. Jesus had never said anything like that. He was talking about the teachings of the Pharisees and Sadducees.

The teachings of these leaders were ones of extreme legalism with no love or mercy. Their teachings were not fully in line with God’s word and plans.

Pharisees and Sadducees looked at doing all the rituals for God perfectly. Even in the Old Testament, God had stated that He desired mercy and not sacrifice. God had not changed.

Although, today most leaders in a church do not talk about sacrificing animals on the altar, there is much legalism being taught. Very often, in many churches, you have to live, act, and dress a certain way or you are not Christian.

There is also another extreme in the churches. This extreme is that God has not rules and is all about love and anything goes. There are churches that teach a person can be a Christian while living in a direct, purposeful, sinful lifestyle.

Acceptance of pornography, homosexuality, violence and false religions in the church is on a rise. Often it is masked behind the false premise of loving people.

You have to be on your guard against such teachings. These teachings are like yeast in bread, a little bit goes a long ways. Very little yeast can produce a large loaf of bread.

Small amounts of false teaching, spread quickly. It spreads because people like to hear it. It is not the truth of God and costs nothing (at the time).

Keep yourself in God’s Word. Keep praying for direction and wisdom. Stay filled with God’s guiding Holy Spirit. Do not allow yourself to fall for false teachings that look and sound good.

I pray today that God will guide you by His Holy Spirit; that God will reveal false teachings around you; that you will stay focused on the teachings of Jesus; that God will help you to be on guard against false teachings; and that God will use you to spread the true gospel message.