2 Kings 10:28-29 Not Completely Cleaned Out

Half cleaned room

So Jehu destroyed Baal worship in Israel. However, he did not turn away from the sins of Jeroboam son of Nebat, which he had caused Israel to commit–the worship of the golden calves at Bethel and Dan. 2 Kings 10:28-29 

Cleaning out a house is something that can take work and time. Most people will only clean one or two rooms of the house at a time. Only during spring cleaning does a person usually clean the entire house.

The challenge with only partially cleaning the house, is that there is still dirt and clutter in the rest of the house. As one cleans one part and neglects another completely, the whole house continues to stay dirty. In order for the house to be clean, the whole house must be cleaned, otherwise it is still dirty.

Jehu had become king of Israel and worked hard successfully at destroying all Baal worship in the land. However, he did not remove the worship of the golden calves from the land. Despite getting rid of worship of one false god, he left worship of another false god in place.

The lives of people are houses. They are supposed to be the temple of God, His house, His dwelling place. When Jesus died on the cross, He died to remove all sin from those who believe in Him. He was there to clean the entire house of dirt–sin.

As many believers follow Jesus, many will allow one part of their life to be cleaned up. They will turn away from one or two sins, however, they will continue to hang onto another sin. Following some way of the world, that is against God, continues to happen. The temple of God is no longer fully clean, but contaminated with sin.

Believers need to allow God to clean their entire house–their lives–of all sin. Then they must be willing to keep it clean. Do not go back out and pick up the dirt.

God can work in your life to remove all sin and sinful habits. It is going to Him and trusting His work in your life. Focus your life on loving and serving Him. This is more than just not doing sin, but doing something for God.

As you live for God, you will not have time to live in sin or allow sin back into your life. Strive to keep your life clean of all sin, not just some sins. Worship God with your whole life.

I pray today that you will know Jesus as your Savior; that you will allow God to remove all sin in your life; that you will seek to serve God with all of your life; and that your life will be a clean temple for God to live in.

2 Kings 10:31 Doing Only Half Right

Yet Jehu was not careful to keep the law of the LORD, the God of Israel, with all his heart. He did not turn away from the sins of Jeroboam, which he had caused Israel to commit. 2 Kings 10:31

Jehu had become king and had destroyed the family of Ahab according to God’s word that had been given. He also destroyed the prophets of Baal and tore down their temples. While doing all that good, he also kept worshipping the golden calves in Dan and Bethel. He continued to lead the people into sin and refused to follow the laws of God.

People often do some good things in their life. Looking at some of the extremely wealthy people, there are many that provide money for food, clothing and medical expenses for many poor people in need. They stand up for some great causes to help people and do the right things.

However, while doing those things, they also promote sin in other ways. Some will be in movies that are filled with sin and do not honor God at all. Others openly state that they do not believe in God. Others may live a lifestyle that goes against God’s commands.

While this is easy to see in the very wealthy, it also happens among the regular people and even in the church. There are people in the church who show up every Sunday, teach a Sunday School class, and volunteer in various church activities. But when Sunday is over, they treat their family like dirt, curse in the workplace, steal from their employer, and live a life that does not honor God in any way. Yet, they think that they are doing good because of the work they are doing in the church.

God looks at the whole picture of a person’s life. Doing only half right in God’s eyes is still completely doing wrong. Every area of a person’s life is to honor and obey God.

If you are a follower of Jesus, you are supposed to be living your life as Jesus did. He did not just do half right, He did everything exactly as the Father desired. Jesus said that He would spit out any person who was lukewarm.

How are you living your life today?

Are you doing just half right for God, while still living in some sin?

Or are you striving to live all of your life for God?

I pray today that you will give your life over to God; that you will follow Jesus in every area of your life; that you will live as Jesus lived; and that God will not have to say that you only did half right.