Psalm 20:7 Who Or What Do You Trust In?

Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the LORD our God. Psalm 20:7

David had just offered a pray for all of the people. He had prayed that their prayers would be heard by God and that He would answer those prayers. Then he talks about how some people trust in chariots and horses, but that he, and those he is talking to, trust in God.

All over the world people trust in many different things each day. Trust begins the moment a person gets up in the morning and goes all the way through the day and night. As the person gets up, he trusts that the floor will still be below his feet and that the morning sun will rise up. He trusts that he still has the ability to live on this earth.

If a person gets in a car, he trusts that it will run. He trusts he still has a job to work. And the list goes on and on how people have trust each day.

Many, however, trust in the things of this world alone, and refuse to trust in God. They trust in their job to provide the needed finances. They trust their retirement fund to provide during retirement. They trust the police to protect them. They trust the doctor to cure them. Yet, they will not trust in God, because they cannot see Him.

All the things of this world may be good, but they are also temporary. Cars break down, jobs fail, retirement funds crumble, and things change. The only thing that you can fully trust in, with guaranteed assurance, is God.

God has always been there and will always be there. He will never fail in anything that He does. Put all of your trust in God. Listen to what He says and follow His lead. It may look like a dead-end path, but God knows what is best. He is the only one who is in absolute control.

Everyone has trust in something. Where is your trust today?

Is it in the things of this world?

Or is it in God?

I pray today that you will personally know God; that you will trust God in everything and for everything; that you will not fear this world; and that you will see God’s faithfulness in your life.