Prayer and Help

My family and I have been going through a tough situation. We have been purchasing a home with some land for the last four years through an owner financed contract. A few weeks ago the owner, that is providing the financing for it, has chosen to void the contract. He has an attorney and is wanting us to vacate our home by October 4th this year.

Last year I had lost a very good paying job that was providing the money to pay the mortgage payments and all of our monthly expenses. Since then I do have a job, but it does not pay enough to even rent a place large enough for my family in this area. It is a real challenge just to pay the basic expenses of my family. It is not enough to allow paying for our mortgage. My longer term goal for a job is to get into full time teaching, which would pay enough.

I have eight children and we love this place. It is an older mobile home, so we are unable to get a bank to finance it at all. We would love to be able to stay in this place.

We are struggling to make the monthly mortgage payments and now we have an attorney to get legal assistance and guidance in this situation. The owner does not want to honor the contract we agreed upon, nor does he want to return the money we have paid over the last four years.

My daughter has set up a GoFundMe page to allow others to help out in this situation. Please pray about what you feel God would lead you to do. Please pray for my family for His peace and provision and an end to this difficult situation. Here is the link to the page: Save The Arns Home

Any financial assistance will be used to allow us to keep this home or provide for another place and pay for legal expenses. Thank for your prayers and assistance.

Matthew 8:19-20 Count the Cost

“Then a teacher of the law came to him and said, ‘Teacher, I will follow you wherever you go.’ Jesus replied, Foxes have dens and birds have nests, but the Son of Man has no place to lay his head.” Matthew 8:19-20

Jesus was becoming very popular with everyone. People started to follow Him. Now a teacher of the law comes up to Jesus and states he will follow Him.

Instead of welcoming the man to follow Him, Jesus gives a strange answer. Jesus tells the man who He does not have a place to lay His head down at night, even though the animals do.

Jesus knew He was living a life that would not bring great wealth or comfort in this life. A person who has a place to lay down at night has a great comfort. Being homeless creates a lot of discomfort and no peace.

This teacher had got caught up in the hype of the moment and declared he would follow Jesus. Jesus points out that there could be a high cost to follow Him. Jesus does not have a home to go to.

Following Jesus does not automatically bring a life of luxury and comfort in the world’s eyes. It will not make you famous or wealthy.

Following Jesus does mean being a servant to everyone else; giving of yourself all the time; giving what you have to others; and not storing up for yourself. God may give you all of these things, but that is not the purpose for following Him.

Many people follow Jesus because of the excitement of the moment. Or they believe that life will be easy to follow Him, all their troubles will go away. This is not true.

Look at the life of Jesus. His life was one of a lot of pain, misery and suffering. As He healed people, others were wanting to kill Him and in the end did.

Jesus did have peace and comfort in knowing that He was following God the Father perfectly. You, also, can know that same peace and comfort in following Jesus. You have to remember though it is not the peace and comfort the world will understand. While in this life you will have struggles and troubles.

Be willing to follow Jesus. In the end when you get to heaven it will be worth the pain and suffering of today. All the work you will have to do in helping build His kingdom will bring great treasures in heaven some day. Count the cost of following Jesus, but know it is worth it.

I pray today that God will strengthen you in following Him; that you will be determined to follow Him at all costs; that God will guide you by His Holy Spirit in following Him; and that God’s kingdom will be built greater because of your walk with Him.