1 Chronicles 13:10 Respecting God’s Place

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The LORD’s anger burned against Uzzah, and he struck him down because he had put his hand on the ark. So he died there before God. 1 Chronicles 13:10 

Respect for people or things is something that is not very common to see. People often take others lightly and treat them just like a buddy, who they can take or leave. Some will joke around all the time, even in times to be serious.

Things and places are often just looked at as just another place, like their own home. Trash is allowed to build up, things are allowed to break down and be left, or things are damaged. This especially happens when it does not belong to the person directly. He does not care about it or have respect for the item or person.

As David was bringing the ark of the covenant back to Jerusalem, the cart started to tip, bringing the ark with it. Uzzah quickly reached out a hand to steady it. Immediately God killed him on the spot for his disrespect for the ark.

The ark was the holy place of God’s dwelling among the Jews. It was not to be touched by human hands at all. Human hands were full of sin and would defile it. Yet, Uzzah touched it.

God has made the heart of man His new dwelling place. It is a place that by the blood of Jesus He has made most holy. It has been cleansed of all sin.

People allow the heart to be touched by unclean hands and become defiled. They begin to look at things they shouldn’t, speak things that shouldn’t be said, say things that shouldn’t be said, and turn to sin. All sin must be put to death.

When a temptation to sin arises to steady the heart on a rocky, uneven ground, it must be put to death. The only one that should touch the heart is God.

Your heart belongs to God. It is where He lives, once you accept what Jesus did for you. It is now a holy dwelling place for God.

Do not allow anything to defile your heart. Bring into captivity every thought and action. Destroy anything that defiles your heart and leads you into sin.

Jesus died to cleanse your heart. Do not disrespect what He has done. He has cleansed you and made you holy unto Him for a dwelling place for eternity. Keep it holy and clean.

I pray today that you will know what Jesus has done for you; that you will keep your heart clean from all sin; that you will live for God everyday; and that you will know God’s presence in your life. 


2 Samuel 6:7 Respect For The Holy

The LORD’s anger burned against Uzzah because of his irreverent act; therefore God struck him down, and he died there beside the ark of God. 2 Samuel 6:7

After the ark of the covenant had been in the hands of the Philistines for a time, David had finally got it back. He was having it brought back to Jerusalem. On the way the oxen, that were carrying it, stumbled and ark started to tip over. Uzzah reached out to grab it and steady it. This went against God’s laws to never touch the ark by hand. God was angry with him and struck him down.

Being reverent for something means that one will have the proper respect for that item or person. It is very common for people to be irreverent about many different things. They will crack bad jokes about the president, God, churches, their boss, the police,  their parents, and most anything else. This can be constantly seen in nearly every television show and movie.

Not only can this be seen in the world, it can also be seen in the church. People in the church should have the proper respect for what is holy. As the pastor is speaking, how many times are people texting, or talking, or doing something else? There is no respect for the pastor or God’s word that was given him. Others will make jokes about God’s word or play around when there is a time of prayer.

There is a fine line between freedom and being irreverent with what is God’s things, those things that are holy. You are not to be a legalist in dealing with the things of God, but should have a healthy, holy respect for them.

As a believer, you must have the highest respect and honor for anything that is holy. Some things that are holy are: times of prayer, reading of God’s word, talking about God, witnessing, and any place God has set up for a place of worship.

How are you treating the things of God?

Are you showing God the respect and honor He deserves?

Or are you being irreverent and selfish, like the world around you?

I pray today that you will see the holiness in the things of God; that you will treat all the things of God with great respect; that God will not have a reason to be angry with you; and that the world will see through you the holiness of God.