April 25, 2018 Promise Of God

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Isaiah 51:6 Salvation Lasts Forever

Lift up your eyes to the heavens, look at the earth beneath; the heavens will vanish like smoke, the earth will wear out like a garment and its inhabitants die like flies. But my salvation will last forever, my righteousness will never fail. Isaiah 51:6

When a person is a young child, seeing someone who is in his 30s appears to be very old and been around forever. Later when the child is in his 20s, seeing a person in his 40s-50s appears to be very old and been around forever. As the child gets into his 40s-50s, those that are in their 70s are old and been around forever.

As a human being, forever is a difficult concept to understand. Humans typically live about 80 years or so and then die. Looking around some people will be older, while some will be younger. However, looking at the earth and the heavens, both are older than any human on the earth.

Looking at this world, it does appear that it has been around forever and will be here forever. The reality of it is that the heavens and the earth will be destroyed some day. All the great beauty of this world, the mountains, the lakes, the oceans, rivers, prairies, hills, and the plants of this world will be gone someday.

People like to put their trust in the things that they can see, other people, the land, the buildings, the money and most anything else. All these things will die and fade away for all eternity.

The salvation that Jesus provides will not fade away. It will last for all eternity. Believing in Jesus for the forgiveness of your sins will get you life forever.

Instead of looking to the things of this world to provide for all of your needs, look to God. Look to what is important in light of living forever. If you will live forever, the things  you are going through today are worth nothing. These things are only a passing quick moment in eternity.

God will never fail you. His righteousness will never fail. If you have repented of your sins and believed in Jesus, you will be saved. Salvation is coming. God will not be slow in making it happen, in His time.

Hang in there till Jesus returns or calls you home, it will be worth it all.

I pray today that you will know the salvation Jesus provides; that you will trust Jesus with your eternity; that you will not fear the present world or situations in your life; and that you will trust God to guide your life here on this earth till you step into eternity.

Psalm 36:5 Far Reaching Love And Faithfulness

Your love, LORD, reaches to the heavens, your faithfulness to the skies. Psalm 36:5

Over the years many people have attempted to describe what love is, while many others have questioned what love is. Volumes of books could be written on the number of poems that have been written about love. Thousands of songs have been sung about love.

Yet, as many poems and songs that have been done about love, many people struggle to describe what true love is. Often, when people think that they have found true love, unfaithfulness steps in and ruins their thought.

People are constantly getting married, saying that they will love each other for life, only to change their mind when their eyes start to wander. One will decide that he/she no longer really loves the other one any more. They choose to no longer be faithful to each other and end up in a divorce and wondering what true love really is.

God is the only one who is really love. The best way to describe God in a single word is: love. His love is perfect and will never end. Look up to the skies at night and see how far you can see. God’s love reaches further than you can see.

God is so filled with love that He was willing to send His Son to a filthy, dirty, sinful world to die a horrible death in order that you may live and have life for eternity. His love will reach down into bars, prisons, broken homes, horrible workplaces, and around the world to touch and change a life.

As God’s love reaches down into the dark places on this earth, He will remain faithful. You can rely on the fact that God will never do the wrong thing. He will never guide you down the wrong path. When God says that He loves you and will love you for all eternity, He meant that. He will never change His mind about His love for you.

Are you trusting and resting in God’s love and faithfulness to and for you?

Or do you see God as though He is a person, unfaithful and changing?

Look to God to know what true love is and what true faithfulness is. You won’t be disappointed.

I pray today that you will know the love God has for you; that you will know God’s faithfulness to you; that you will trust God’s love for you; and that you will give Him praise for who He is.

Genesis 1:1 It Begins With God

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” Genesis 1:1

People everywhere around the world are constantly asking the questions of how and when everything started. Scientists and archeologists are digging and studying trying to find the answers to those questions.

Looking at the earth and records does not reveal the true answer. It will only open up more questions. People may find out some things about life on this planet, but they cannot find everything. Ultimately there has to be a beginning, a starting point.

No person ever lived at the time of the beginning. The only one that existed was God and the angels. God chose to create the heavens and the earth. And He created them out of nothing, because nothing existed in the physical prior to God’s work.

Every believer from the smallest child to the oldest adult can quote this verse. They know that God created everything in the beginning. However, what does that really mean to the believer?

When a person creates something, he does it with a purpose in mind for that object. No one creates something without a purpose, or just to throw it away.

God had a purpose. He wanted to create a place for people to live. Again it comes back to why would God want a place for people to live?

God was looking for some fellowship with people. Every person is created with the purpose to spend time with God. God wants to spend time with you and do things with you. He has a plan for your life that includes Him.

Often many believers do not trust God’s wisdom in how to do things. As a believer you must learn to trust God with the experience He has. Since God started everything in motion, He knows what is best for you and for everyone else. He has been at work at it since the beginning.

Take some time today to view God’s wonderful earth. Realize the power and wisdom He has in making everything. With this in mind, realize what He can do in and through you. Go back to the beginning and allow God to do everything. You don’t have the wisdom or power to do it all.

I pray today that you will realize God’s great wisdom and power; that you trust God with all of your life; that you will allow God to work in and through you; and that you will allow God to create His life in you.