1 Chronicles 26:12 Every Job Is Important

Sweeping the floor

These divisions of the gatekeepers, through their leaders, had duties for ministering in the temple of the LORD, just as their relatives had. 1 Chronicles 26:12 

Titled positions in a job are often very important to most people. If the position does not have a good sounding title, it does not appear to be an important position.

It is common for people to think about positions in a job as not being very important. They are at the bottom of the ladder in the company and so are often looked down upon as a nobody. As they are looked at as a nobody, it is often common the individual feels that he is also a nobody, no on important or of any real value.

As the writer of the Chronicles writes, God leads him to list the names of those working in the temple. One of the groups listed was those of the gatekeepers, the men who stand and watch the doorway, guarding the temple.

Being a guard is often looked at as a menial job, with no real value. It is like the one who is a janitor and just sweeps floors and picks up garbage. He is not a CEO or president, no one really important. Yet, God chose to write their names down for all history. It was an important job.

In the church, there are positions that are not in the lime-light. They don’t seem to be very important. Sometimes this can be working in the nursery, being a greeter, or cleaning the floors and the toilets.

Many people want the high profile, fun positions with a great title. They want to be the head deacon, usher, worship leader, lead instrument, or one of many other profile, titled positions. They don’t want to be the one working in the nursery, teaching a young children’s Sunday School class, setting up chairs, or sweeping the floor.

Every position in the church has a reason and an importance to it. Every position in God’s kingdom also has a reason and an importance to it.

God has a job for you to do. It may be something that is high-profile, but most likely it is a ‘small’ job, that is hidden behind the scenes. Either job is just as important. If no one was to clean the floor, worship would occur in a filthy place.

Work in your position as unto the Lord and with joy. God can use you where you are at, when you are doing His work.

I pray today that you will know what God wants you to do; that you will do His work with joy; that you will know the value in doing God’s work; and that you touch the lives of many people for God. 


Psalm 141:3 Guarding The Mouth

Set a guard over my mouth, LORD; keep watch over the door of my lips. Psalm 141:3

Most people love to talk, some more than others. With a lot of talking, things can be said that should not be said. Often it is words said in the heat of the moment that people regret or hurt others with. Other times it is planned words that are spoken that can do a lot of damage.

Words of condemnation, hatred, jealousy, and ridicule come out of many mouths. They lash out in order to hurt or damage someone’s reputation. At times they are true statements, while other times they are exaggerated or false. It is often seen in the news of a person who has been falsely accused of some crime, only to learn later that he was innocent. Once the accusation has been started, there is no turning back. His reputation and credibility is destroyed.

Children often grow up with extreme pain in their hearts and minds from words said by parents in anger. It is difficult for people to get past the spoken word.

The mouth is one of the most powerful parts of a person. With the mouth a person can be raised up, and with the mouth a person can be destroyed.

David knew the power of his mouth and words. He also knew that, alone, he could not control his mouth. He needed God’s strength and guard to keep his words right.

Think about the words that have been spoken to or about you that have hurt. Now think about the times you have made statements to someone or about someone that you regretted afterwards.

Allow God to place a guard over your mouth to keep you from saying the wrong things. Fill your heart and life with the things of God. Keep praise and worship in your heart and on your lips at all times. Out of the overflow of your heart, your mouth will speak. This will keep the wrong things from coming out of your mouth.

What words are building up in your heart?

What will you allow your mouth to say?

I pray today that you will allow God to guard your mouth; that your heart will be filled with God; that your words will be the words of God; and that you will use your words to build others up and bring them to God, rather than destroy them.

1 Corinthians 16:13 Be On Guard

“Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be courageous; be strong.” 1 Corinthians 16:13

Paul is closing out his first letter to the Corinthian church. He gives his last final advice to them as a warning and as an encouragement.

First, is to be on guard. As a believer, the world will be against you. Satan wants to get you to fail or stop believing in Jesus. You have to be ready for the enemy when he shows up. You also must be able to recognize the works of the enemy. If you are not awake and watching, (as Jesus stated), you will be caught off guard and tripped.

Second, you are to stand firm in your faith. You must know what you believe and stand on that. Do not allow the world or others change your views on who Jesus is and who you are in Jesus. Yes you have messed up in the past but you have been forgiven and are now a child of a King and are being saved.

Third, you are to be courageous. In this life you are in a war. It is a war for your soul and the souls of everyone else. There are two sides to this war, God’s and Satan’s. You must be willing to face the enemy when he shows up. Know that God is on your side and you will win in the end. Do not fear the roaring lion of the enemy. Do what needs to be done for God.

Finally, you are to be strong. With God all things are possible. Greater is He who is in you than he that is in the world. God has filled you with His Holy Spirit to give you the strength that you need, now use it, stand in it. Do not back down. You have already run part of the race, do not give up.

Victory is coming. The war is almost over. Know that you know that you know you are saved and you will win the war against the enemy with God on your side.

I pray today that God will help you see the tactics of the enemy; that you will not waver in your belief in Jesus; that you will have courage to face the enemy; that you will be strong in the Lord; and that God will bring you the victory.

Mark 13:9 Be On Your Guard

“You must be on your guard. You will be handed over to the local councils and flogged in the synagogues. On account of me you will stand before governors and kings as witnesses to them.” Mark 13:9

Jesus was telling the disciples that the temple would be destroyed. The disciples asked when this would be. He told them to watch the signs, that things would get really bad.

Now, He tells them to be on their guard. They would be handed over to the local authorities for abuse. Not only would the local authorities punish them, but they would also get abused in the synagogues–the religious places. The place that should be a place of refuge and safety would become a place of abuse.

All of these things would happen because of their belief in Jesus and to give them a chance to be a witness to the world.

How does getting put in prison or abused give you a chance to be a witness? These events give you a chance to stand strong and true for Jesus. It allows you to make the statement as to why you are willing to go through the harsh treatment.

In many parts of the world it is acceptable to treat Christians harshly. Right now, as a whole, you do not see this level of harsh treatment of believers in America, but it is getting more rough all the time.

Teachers in schools cannot talk about Jesus. In the workplaces you cannot witness. You cannot speak out against sin without it being a hate crime.

Will you bend to the desires of the world and not be a witness for Jesus?

Will you choose to be silent?

Or will you choose to be His witness no matter what it means?

Jesus chose to die on a cross in full public humiliation and extreme torture for you. What are you willing to do for Him?

Be on your guard and be ready to be His witness. Do not fear the torture, but embrace what God is giving you. He is giving you an opportunity to be His witness. Will you take it?

I pray today that God will strengthen you in your walk with Him; that God will make you more like Jesus; that God will reveal ways you can be His witness; that God will give you the words to speak; and that God will build His kingdom through you.

Matthew 16:6 Be On Your Guard

“Be careful, Jesus said to them. Be on your guard against the yeast of the Pharisees and Sadducees.” Matthew 16:6

Jesus had just fed 4,000 people with just a little bread and fish. The people had been sent home and Jesus and the disciples left the area. Suddenly Jesus tells the disciples something that is a little different. He talks about yeast.

In the following verses, the first thought of the disciples had been about not having enough bread to feed the people. It was their first thought to focus on a mistake they feel they made.

They felt they should have had enough foresight to bring bread for food while Jesus was teaching. Jesus had never said anything like that. He was talking about the teachings of the Pharisees and Sadducees.

The teachings of these leaders were ones of extreme legalism with no love or mercy. Their teachings were not fully in line with God’s word and plans.

Pharisees and Sadducees looked at doing all the rituals for God perfectly. Even in the Old Testament, God had stated that He desired mercy and not sacrifice. God had not changed.

Although, today most leaders in a church do not talk about sacrificing animals on the altar, there is much legalism being taught. Very often, in many churches, you have to live, act, and dress a certain way or you are not Christian.

There is also another extreme in the churches. This extreme is that God has not rules and is all about love and anything goes. There are churches that teach a person can be a Christian while living in a direct, purposeful, sinful lifestyle.

Acceptance of pornography, homosexuality, violence and false religions in the church is on a rise. Often it is masked behind the false premise of loving people.

You have to be on your guard against such teachings. These teachings are like yeast in bread, a little bit goes a long ways. Very little yeast can produce a large loaf of bread.

Small amounts of false teaching, spread quickly. It spreads because people like to hear it. It is not the truth of God and costs nothing (at the time).

Keep yourself in God’s Word. Keep praying for direction and wisdom. Stay filled with God’s guiding Holy Spirit. Do not allow yourself to fall for false teachings that look and sound good.

I pray today that God will guide you by His Holy Spirit; that God will reveal false teachings around you; that you will stay focused on the teachings of Jesus; that God will help you to be on guard against false teachings; and that God will use you to spread the true gospel message.